Mesothelioma attorneys in Houston find that the majority of their clients are exposed to asbestos in Houston Mesothelioma Attorneylabor intensive sectors, like construction jobs, railroads, mills, metal refiners, and shipyards. Once a common additive, asbestos was included in commonly used consumer products, such as kicthen appliances, shingles and insulation, tile, and filters for cigarettes.

As a result, unwitting employees for these companies came home every day to their families covered in dangerous asbestos dust, exposing them to its dangers. These tiny carcinogenic fibers were often spread this way and have caused cancer in people who would normally not be exposed to the dangerous material.

If I have only been in contact with asbestos for a short time, can I develop asbestos related illnesses?

Asbestos fibers can lay dormant in the lungs for many years before manifesting medically diagnosable symptoms, including cancer. If you suspect that your declining health is a result of asbestos related contact, an experienced Houston asbestos and Mesothelioma attorney can assist you.

What makes asbestos so dangerous to people?

Particulated asbestos fibers are able to permeate the sensitive linings of the lungs and the gastrointestinal tracts and cause malignant growths. Asbestos exposure can quickly afflict some, while others live their entire lives with no symptoms or permanent damage. A rare cancerous result of asbestos inhalation is called Mesothelioma. Houston law firms specializing in asbestos exposure are able to clarify its hazards.

Is asbestos a contributing cause to my case?

Any time you have a medical diagnosis indicating potential symptoms related to asbestos, reach out to a qualifed Houston Mesothelioma lawyer to get an experienced legal opinion. Numerous types of cancer, including lung, colon, stomach and throat, can be directly linked to asbestos exposure. Internal organ damage, including scarring that damages your ability to function normally, can also trigger a legal cause of action. Previously settled asbestos cases are usually paid from an ongoing Trust, so even a new diagnosis of cancer will warrant the review of an experience Houston asbestos lawyer.

Can I be compensated for my injuries?

Although employers seek to distance themselves from the dangers of asbestos and their employees are not always given proper disclosure of the potential damage it can cause, the dangers are very real. If you have any reason to believe that you have endured asbestos related damages, including pain and suffering, loss of income, medical expenses, or the loss of a loved one, contact a Houston Mesothelioma attorney today.