Television technology has been changing fairly rapidly in the past ten years or so. For many years tube TVs were the only real option consumers had. Then after many years of hype, flat screen TVs began hitting showroom floors. Rear projection TVs came along and big screens became the wave of the future. Plasma and LCD televisions brought consumers thinner screens which could be hung on the wall. Laser and OLED came along as well, although they may not have yet hit their stride. LED backlights have improved LCDs and are now becoming common.

One of the more recent developments in TV technology has been the commercial availability of 3D TV sets. There are certainly 3D movies available on disk and the near future promises more programming from cable and satellite TV providers. Of course 3D gaming is also another option that's currently available.

Consumers however still have questions about getting 3D television in their homes. The following are the most frequently asked questions that this writer has received:

1. Do I have to buy glasses in order to view 3D programming on a new 3D television?
The answer at this point is, probably. Many new 3D television sets will come with a pair of 3D glasses, which you must wear in order to see the programming in 3D. However, if there are others who will be watching the show, movie, or game with you, they will also need a pair of the passive shutter 3D glasses.

There are companies working to develop affordable 3D technology that can be viewed at home which doesn't require the 3D glasses but at this time such things are not available on the market. In fact, 3D viewing at home without the glasses is most likely years away, not months away.

2. Can I watch standard definition or high definition programming on a new 3D television?
Yes, you can watch standard definition, high definition, and 3D programming on a 3D television with no problem. You'll only need to wear the glasses when viewing a show, movie, or game that is being transmitted in 3D.

3. Are current 3D television sets offered by reputable manufacturers?
Yes, many major manufacturers are now offering 3D television models. Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, LG, and Mitsubishi are among them.

4. What do I need in order to watch 3D TV at home?
You will need a 3D TV and 3D programming, games, or movies. You can not simply convert a traditional or high definition TV to 3D. If you want to view 3D disks, you'll also need a 3D BluRay player and v1.4 HDMI cables. As stated above, you'll also need some 3D glasses.