With the economy in its current state, you may be thinking about travel and work in a country where jobs are available. Many countries are hiring Americans for the purpose of teaching English abroad. Australia is especially appealing to Americans because of its tendency toward more "western" cultures. This article gives answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about travel and work in Australia.

FAQ #1 – How do I know if I'm qualified to teach English in Australia?

As with most teaching positions abroad, you must have a Comparability Education Assessment (CEA) done to determine whether or not you are qualified to teach and work in Australia. To complete the CEA, you must pay a fee and submit documentation regarding your education and experience. Once you are cleared to teach in Australia, you must determine the registration requirements for the state in which you want to teach. For example, if you want to teach in Queensland, the specific requirements are different than if you are trying to teach in Victoria.

FAQ #2 – How do I find teaching positions abroad that are specific to Australia?

If you are interested in travel and work in Australia as teacher, you can find many job listings on the Internet that will describe teaching English abroad positions.

FAQ #3 – Where can I live if I find teaching positions abroad work in Australia?

You will be able to rent a room in a house or apartment in the particular Australian state where you find your teaching position abroad. However, rent is expensive in Australia, and the pay for teaching English is low. Be prepared to dip into your savings if you find a teaching English abroad position.

FAQ #4 – How long do I have to stay at my teaching English abroad job?

The Teach Australia program wants teachers to make a two-year commitment.

FAQ #5 – What are the Visa requirements if I want to travel and work in Australia?

You will need to apply for a Working Holiday Visa with the Australian Government. This visa will allow you to travel and work in Australia for one year. If you make a commitment to the Teach Australia program, you will have to reapply for another visa before your first year is finished since the program commitment is two years.

Australia is a beautiful country with friendly people and western ways. If you are a teacher and having difficulty finding a job in the United States, you may want to consider teaching positions abroad.