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Dental hygiene is a really important topic because your smile, and breath, say so much about who you are. When close to others, it is crucial to follow these fresh breath tips to ensure your listeners are paying attention to what you are saying, rather than thinking about how to endure the bad odor being emitted from your mouth. If you want to have friends, and if you want to be respected at work, then you have to be more aware about your breath.

Fresh Breath Tips

* Always brush your teeth and floss in the morning and before bedtime

* Use an electric toothbrush

* Use Crest Clean Cinnamon Toothpaste

* Follow up with a mouthwash or rinse

Brushing is crucial because it removes plaque, and in doing so, it kills many of the germs that are associated with bad breath. However, brushing only removes the bacteria on exposed tooth surfaces, not in those hard to reach areas, like between teeth and beneath the gum line. Therefore, you must floss to get rid of food particles and bacteria that lie in these areas. The electric toothbrush is recommended because it safely removes more plaque from teeth, and provides thousands of strokes that a person using a manual toothbrush simply cannot accomplish so short a time frame.

There have been great advances made in toothpaste over time, like Crest Clean Cinnamon Toothpaste, which is not your average toothpaste. Not only does it fight cavities, plaque, tartar, and gingivitis, it also whitens teeth. At the same time, it helps freshens breath. Be sure to use a mouthwash that helps to complete your oral hygiene routine. As you are on your way to a cleaner mouth with each passing day, you will begin to experience fresher breath, which will only improve with time.

Of course, you must also be careful with what you eat and drink, as some foods and beverages, such as garlic, onions, alcohol, and coffee may cause bad breath, as does smoking. So, if you are accustomed to this lifestyle, be sure to carry breath mints or gum to at freshen your breath. Your friends will definitely appreciate your effort, which will result in more comfortable and pleasing conversations. Moreover, smoking, coffee, and red and white wine also stain teeth. Most people know that red wine stains teeth, but white wine wears away tooth enamel because of its high acidity. Any of these will negatively impact your smile, making you appear older than your actual age.

If you do your part, you will find that your gums will be healthier, and your teeth will be stronger, aside from having fresher breath. In addition, using toothpaste with whitening power, like Crest Clean Cinnamon Toothpaste, you will erase years from your smile, making you look much younger. As you have probably seen in others, age and lifestyle take a toll on teeth, as they become yellowed or stained over time. The whiter your teeth are, the younger you will appear, so there are many benefits involved in using a product like this one.