Fresh Step cat litter

Pros and Cons

When I met my wife she was using Fresh Step brand cat litter for her three kitties.  Upon becoming our family’s designated scooper, I decided to try out several other name brands (Tidy Cats, Arm and Hammer, Scoop Away, Johnny Cat, and Litter Purrfect).  After comparing them all, I’m sticking with Fresh Step as I found it to have the best odor control of all these brands.

Of Fresh Step’s dozen or so varieties, we use Fresh Step Unscented Multi-Cat Scoopable, which retails at the major grocery chains for about $15 per 20 lbs. box (sometimes we find it for a little less with a sale or coupon).  We like their scoopable products over their Clay product, which lacks the advantageous clumping, and over their Crystals product, which receives their highest reviews for odor control but is more expensive.  While we typically use the Multi-Cat formula, we’ve tried their single-cat scoopable varieties and not noticed a drop-off in performance.  Finally, as a general rule in my family we prefer unscented products when available; even so, I didn’t find the scented varieties of Fresh Step to be overly perfumey.  Although I have yet to try it, Fresh Step Natural is an appealing product which claims to have less artificial ingredients due to its use of wood shavings.

Following is my summary of the positives and negatives of Fresh Step cat litter:  

1)  Superior odor control.
1)  More expensive than most brands.
2)  The scoopable products are quite dusty when pouring them.
3)  Fresh Step Natural is reportedly difficult to find in stores.

For my three-cat family, odor control is a quality-of-life issue for us (as my wife so well puts it), therefore we rate this characteristic above all others and it easily outweighs the negatives.   Fresh Step’s largest drawback is its comparative cost.   It’s easy to be drawn to saving money but, in doing so, we’ve always regretted going with other brands.  Maybe there is another brand out there that can contain cat odors as well as Fresh Step.  If so, they are in rare company.