While aquarium are splendid to behold and a wonderful addition to the home, it can be quite an expensive venture and takes quite a lot to maintain. For the beginner, it is often recommended that they start out with the fresh water aquarium. This is due to the fact that they are less expensive to start out with and are easier to maintain than saltwater aquariums. The basic requirement to starting a fresh water aquarium include a water yank, some gravel, lighting, a filter, heater and thermometer.

You have to fill the tank with some dechlorinated water, allow it to settle for a few weeks so that the biological filter cycle can start and then you are set to go get your freshwater fish. With the right choice you can have a bright and colorful aquarium just like a salt water aquarium.

The big question would be what kind of freshwater aquarium fish would be ideal for you? This is a very frequent question among beginners. The fact is that there are quite a variety of freshwater fish to choose from. The best way to make a decision is to pay a visit to your local aquarium supplier, and find out what kind of fish you fancy. Because you would see a wide variety at the same time you can easily make your pick. This is assuming that your local aquarium supplier holds a wide variety of fresh water aquarium fish in stock. If you do not find anything that catches you fancy, your local fresh water aquarium supplier can help you order the fish you want.

You must ensure that the different species of fresh water aquarium fish you want are capable of living together in your aquarium. One of the common colourful fish family you can beginning with is the cichlids specie another specie is the rainbow family of fresh water aquarium fish. The cichlids come in various colours, the rainbow fish are usually multicoloured like the rainbow and can be really pretty. Of you want a school of small fish in your aquarium, consider buying some neons. They rarely grow bigger than a minnow size and have fluorescent stripes on their bodies.

When it comes to maintaining your freshwater aquarium, you must monitor critically how acidic the water is. This is the pH of the water, if you do not do this often the freshwater aquarium fish can easily die. You must also keep an eye on the water temperature to ensure that it is just right for your aquarium fish. Most tropical freshwater fish require warm water to be in their best state of health.

Keeping a freshwater aquarium and making the choice of fish to keep in the aquarium should not be a difficult task for the beginners. Just a little bit of patience and a desire to keep acquiring information that would help you improve your aquarium keeping skills would go a long way to making you an expert pretty soon.