A friend is some one who is always beside you, no matter where you are. He might not be around you physically, but the thought of a friend is what makes us feel secure. The presence of a friend gives us so much confidence that nothing seems hard to obtain. A true friend encourages you when you are feeling down and are feeling lonesome. A true friend lends an ear when you have tons of woes to share. He never stops you while you are crying, but gives a new packet of wipes to clean/calm yourself. He wants you to feel free by removing the negative energy from you and then asks you the reason or suggests a solution.

There are several places that can give us new friends. But, there are a few friends who make a good place in our hearts. We make friends from our childhood. But, how many friends do we have when we become adults? There are only a few we can remember and call on the first name or nick name basis. They are our true friends and they stay with us no matter what happens. Even a quarrel or a trifle would not break that bond which had formed some years back. A true friend shares a secret and takes our secret to his welfare. That is the kind of commitment that true friends have among themselves.

Many a time friends can oppose our view and contradict our points. That does not mean that they are against us and they hate us. It just means that they care for us and they do not want us to get hurt by choosing the wrong direction. Every person has got his own set of views which other has to accept and respect. This is true even in between friends. At times we might cross our limits and might say or do something wrong which might hurt our friends. At that point of time, it's unwise to argue that they have to agree with us. It is much better to apologize and express the negative feelings.

Friends come regularly in our lives. But, true friends are very rare and they have to be preserved and cherished for a life time. If you lose the trust of a good friend, gaining it back is very hard. If there is something that builds the strength between two friends, it's sharing the trust between one another.