"Friendship, Friendship!"

When you hear the word "friend" who do you think of? Perhaps it is someone you met when you were a child and you have weathered the storms of life together. Or, maybe it's someone you met recently who has so much in common with you that you would swear you were both separated at birth. While the amount of time you've known someone is not as important as the quality of the relationship, there is something to be said for a friend who has stuck by you through "thick and thin." Such was the case for those wacky characters Lucille Ricardo and Ethel Mertz from the "I Love Lucy" television show. They were the closest of friends and even sang a song about it; "Friendship, friendship, just the perfect 'blend-ship' . . ." It didn't matter how much they fought, in the end, they always made-up.

Froggy Friends

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What is Friendship

In "The Onion Book of Known Knowledge," the writer satirically describes friendship as a relationship between "two random people" who proclaim loudly and in unison that they are friends. Thereafter they check in with each other daily to determine whether both parties want to continue with the friendship and if either one answers in the negative the friendship is dissolved. However, if both want to continue the friendship they can plan friendship activities such as "sitting across from each other, staring in complete silence" for at least two hours.

While that is funny indeed, there are probably very few people who would agree with that definition. Interestingly enough, the meaning of friendship is subjective and could mean whatever two, three, or more people want it to mean. For some it might mean talking to each other a certain number of times a day, a week, or month. For others who are not in constant contact with their friends it may just mean that their friends are there when they need them. Whatever your definition, the reality is, everyone needs at least one friend. It could be your spouse, a co-worker, an acquaintance from school, or anyone else.


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Famous Friends

Throughout the years there have been lots of famous friends, and some of them include: Abbott and Costello; C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien; Lewis and Clark; Lucy and Ethel; Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton; and even Oprah and Gayle. But people don't have to be famous to enjoy a good and lasting friendship, all you need is one good friend.


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Friendship Bracelets

A fun way people show their BFF they care is by giving them a friendship bracelet. Although there are specific types of bracelets called "Friendship Bracelets," in reality, it could be any type of bracelet.

The friendship bracelet became popular in the 1970s with teenagers but young adults have come to embrace them as well, and they are unisex. A majority of these bracelets are handmade with the most popular being the embroidery bracelets. They also come in many patterns, some of them include: broken ladder, candy Stripes, diagonal trees, dog den, double chain knot, hearts, rag rug, totem pole and diamond.

Traditionally, a friendship bracelet is tied onto the wrist by the person giving it and it should be left on until it is worn out and falls off by itself.


Who do you consider your BFF? Buy them, or better yet, make them a bracelet today. It's a fun activity and the friendship bracelet will be a cherished memento for a long time.


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