Frieze carpeting is considered to be one of most sought-after types of carpeting for a home. It is becoming popular because of is uniqueness that makes it stand out from other types of carpeting.

Frieze carpet is a type of cut pile made up of slightly twisted fibers. Its twisted fibers are the one responsible for its durability and comfortably soft feel on bare feet. It is highly flexible and perfectly suitable for high traffic areas. It won't flatten nor wear or tear. It is specifically designed to last for a very long time. Like other carpets, frieze is also a heat insulator capable of keeping your home warm and comfortable. Its softness is so amazing that your kids will surely love crawling and walking on it on bare feet. It is also a good noise insulator which could reduce sounds of footsteps and other noise due to its thickness.

Frieze carpets come in many stunning colors and simple patterns. Its colors come in two categories: the solid and the flecked colors. The solid colors are perfect for hiding stains and dirt while the flecked colors are ideal for hiding soils and traffic stains. These qualities of frieze make it easy to maintain. It will always look clean and fresh looking; however, it does need to be vacuumed at least once a week to keep it in good condition.

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If you are considering purchasing frieze for a carpet, you should prepare a considerable amount of money because this type of carpet is very expensive. However, with all the benefits that you are about to enjoy by choosing frieze for your carpet at home, the cost will no longer matter.

With Frieze, you get what you have paid for. Frieze carpet prices range from $1.64 per square foot ($14.77 per sq. yard) to $2.95 per sq. foot ($27.00 per sq. yard). Its price depends on the color, the pattern and the fibers used for its manufacture. The type of fiber in which it was manufactured is important because it will be your basis for your carpets quality and durability. It is best to choose your carpet according to the fiber in which it was made of. The length of time that your carpet will be around your home to give you warmth and comfort will give value to all the money that you have spent when you first purchased it.

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