1. Takes up less space when the dryer is stacked on top of the washing machine.

2. Front loader uses 14 gallons of water as compared to 40 with a top loading washing machine.

3 Uses less electric than my top loading washing machine did in a 4 month study done by me.

4. Tosses clothes in an osscilating motion rather than an up and down movement. Less wear and tear on clothes with this process.

5. Practically wrings the clothes dry. This saves on drying energy.

6. Up front expense was the same as a top loading machine and dryer pair. My pair was $ 900.00

7. Easy to read dial and button control for numerous settings.

8. No need to set water level since that is automatically done.

9. Huge stainless steel drum for very large loads.

10. Extremely quiet appliances with many features.


1. There needs to be enough room for the front loading washing machine door to open while loading and unloading clothes.

2 This is not a con, however I am wanting to tell you that you will see very little water in the globe in the front while it is in the washing modes. This is normal.

Full Review

Frigidaire has been making major appliances for as long as I can remember. When I needed to replace my existing washing machine and dryer, I considered the Galaxy Series. Since my house is small, I selected the stackable washer and dryer made by Frigidaire. I share with you the electric model, but it also comes with a gas pair in this appliance too. You can buy the washing machine and dryer separately.

In Closing

After 8 months with my Frigidaire Galaxy Series stackable washing machine and electric dryer, I am extremely satisfied. I would strongly recommend this brand, the series and the stackable pair to anyone.