If you are in the market for a washing machine it helps to read the available ratings and reviews before making your selection. Analyzing common Frigidaire washer complaints can help you decide if this is the manufacturer that you really wish to choose.

When you know what the typical issues are with a unit before hand, you can choose a unit that will give you lasting satisfaction. Rusting issues have been brought to light by owners in a consumer ratings circle.

Many say that because of the design of the washer door and seal there is more of a tendency for the machine to rust. Over time this problem can become so severe that the door will not close and as a result the machine will not operate.

Some consumer ideas about the major causes of rust are that the front well continues to hold water when the cycle is done. This is not only the cause of rust, but mold as well and can create a sour moldy smell inside the washer itself.

Frigidiare Washing MachineIt is believed that by keeping the door open when the unit is not in use will keep rust and mold at bay. Consumers have had issues with the washer pump which when broken will not allow the washer to spin or drain. Some owners have tried several replacements, but to no avail.

The problem continues to present itself even after the installation of each new part and ultimately winds up being an expensive repair once the warranty is no longer honored. There is also a common problem with front loading dryers made by this manufacturer.

Due to a design flaw any items with spaghetti straps are ruined. The straps are thought to get caught in the lint trap. With the constant movement and agitation of use the trapped item gets torn or stretched beyond normal capacity.

There are common complaints of burnt items and a less than ideal smell coming from the dryer when it is in use. There is also evidence that several dryers have caught fire because of this problem which makes opting to purchase both a washer and dryer from this manufacturer rife with safety issues.

Before investing in your next unit make certain to visit consumer review sites. Frigidaire washer complaints and complaints about the units sold by other manufacturers abound. When you know what the common problems are you can invest your money wisely.

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