Frisbee Golf Rules

Frisbee Golf Rules - A Step by Step Guide

The More You Play, the Easier it is to Learn the Frisbee Golf Rules and Reguations

Frisbee golf rules!  Well, that's what some people say at least.  Frisbee golf, also known as disc golf, is a game played on a Frisbee golf course.  The goal is to get the Frisbee from the tee area to the target (otherwise known as the basket) in the shortest amount of throws.  The person with the lowest total score after completing all of the holes is the winner.  Below is a list of Frisbee golf rules and regulations.

Frisbee Golf Rules Summary
-The first Frisbee golf rule is to start each hole by throwing the disc from the tee pad, which is made out of concrete or some other material.  This is also known as a drive.
-You must stay within the tee pad area when throwing the disc, but you are allowed to step outside the designated area once you have released it.
-After every Frisbee golfer has teed off, the person who's Frisbee is farthest from the basket throws first.
-After throwing your disc, mark the lie with a mini disc or turn over the thrown disc.
-You must throw from behind your lie, but you can follow through past your lie.
-If your lie is within 10 meters of the basket, you can't step over your lie until the disc lands in the basket.
-If there are boundaries marked on the course, and your disc goes out of bounds, it must be played from a point 3 feet in bounds from where the disc landed out of bounds.  It's a 1 stroke penalty if your disc goes out of bounds.
-Each golfer continues throwing until they get their Frisbee into the designated target.
-The person with the lowest number of throws (or strokes) after completing all of the holes is the winner.  For most people, this is the easiest of the Frisbee golf rules to remember.

 Since the Frisbee golf rules are pretty simple, it's easy for anyone to play.  It's also great because most of the courses are outdoors and are free.  It's a great opportunity to get outside on a beautiful day and compete against your friends.  You also don't need a lot of equipment to play.  Most people just have a disc bag, discs, a towel, and maybe a water bottle.  You may need more equipment as you become more advanced in the game.  It's also easier to learn and remember the Frisbee golf rules and regulations as you play more.

Types of Disc Golf Discs

 According to, there are 3 different types of disc golf discs that are allowed within the Frisbee golf rules and regulations.  There's a driver, a mid range disc, and a putter.
-Driver - Has a sharp, beveled edge, which helps it travel through the air.  That's why they are used on tee shots; it's the throw you need the disc to travel the farthest on.
-Mid Range - Disc edges are more blunt.  They are used for throws that require a lot of accuracy and are shorter than a drive.
-Putter - Has a very blunt edge and is much slower than the other discs.  They are very accurate but don't travel as far, which is the same as a putter used in golf.  You're not going to be putting from a long distance; you're more concerned about accuracy.