Frog TotemCredit: Nathan Choe a.k.a Crazyegg95Credit: Nathan Choe a.k.a Crazyegg95

The frog totem is said to appear when we need to honor our tears. A being that has an observable relationship to sound (air) and rain (water), the frog is a creature with a strong connection to transformation symbolism and even camouflage.


The Transitory Message Of The Frog Totem

When frog crosses your path, it could be carrying a few messages with it. One of the most prominent universal nudges is that it may be time to clear internal sludge with activities associated with the water element. The cleanse could be literal, like a detoxing sea salt bath or internal sea salt water flush, but it could also be symbolic. It might be time to give yourself a very real break before your fire element rages out of control, causing you to burn through your reserves and exhaust yourself.

When we go into overdrive, it's not always so easy to come back from it. Reserving time to relax and rejuvenate ourselves is a matter of natural course. Many of us have gotten too far out of touch with natural cycles and healthy organic processes, but there is a tremendous amount of information available to us now that gives us all we need to return to a lifestyle that is in true accord with natural living.

Frog totem may also enter your life to stimulate more of a flow or to indicate your entry into a period of fertility and abundance. Asian cultures have associated frog with healing, good fortune, and prosperity.

Frog is a keeper of secrets and a wielder of magik. It observes the life in its environment with a serene smile, ever in a state of play and sublime beingness, the frog totem teaches us that life is meant to be lived.


Lifelong Frog Totem

As a birth totem frog teaches us to grow and enjoy the uniqueness of each stage we pass through. There is a spirit of adventure in the totem frog, but it's one of expanding the mind and delighting in the song of the now. Frog totem people are generally quieter than most people, but they possess an inherent awareness of the magik in the subtle world.

Frog totem natives need to be mindful to be fair to themselves as the tendency to be “too kind' can leave them disappointed and somewhat rudely surprised by the lack of sensitivity possessed by less aware people. They should surround themselves with animals and enjoy the layer of peace in life where they are most at home. The half-land and half-water reality of the frog totem suggests focusing energies on the synergy of both worlds.