writing with ink

It could possibly be stated that the history of mankind began with writing. When the first humans put symbols on rocks they were telling us the story of how they came to be. Writing has certainly come a long way since the beginnings of man. Across the globe, all cultures use some form of writing to communicate ideas. Books, newspapers, journals and online articles, to name but a few mediums available, all fall under the category of the written word.

People write for a variety of reasons. Some people write for necessity only, and do not enjoy the process of putting words on a page, while others find writing to be a creative outlet. Many people write to make their personal ideas available for other people, but others like to keep their writings private. Words flow easily for some, but it can be much harder for others to express their ideas in this manner.

In today's technological world, there are writing opportunities everywhere. Since the expansion of the Internet over the last two decades, hundreds of websites allow ordinary people the opportunity to publish their thoughts and ideas in written form. Some of these sites include InfoBarrel.com, eHow.com, and AssociatedContent.com, just to name a fraction of them. All of these sites have their own standards for publishing articles and all have different pay structures for writers.

Many people today are trying to earn extra money by publishing articles on the Internet and getting paid either for the article itself or through the advertising that appears on the page. This can be a very tricky venture for people who are not comfortable with a computer and how the internet works. There is also the question of possible plagiarism with the Internet, as monitoring every individual article online would be an inconceivable task.

blogger logoAnother great writing opportunity in today's techno-society is Blogging. For those unfamiliar with the term, Blog is short for "web log", and it offers basically anyone with internet access a virtual palette for any words that they care to write. Blogs can be as simple as a personal online diary, but they are so much more to many people. Many people receive news and political information from popular blogs every day. If you have the computer skills and know how to market your writing, a blog can also be a big money making opportunity. Blogger.com is one of the more popular and user-friendly sites available for those interesting in trying their writing skills. Many people find Blogging to be a great creative outlet and pratice their writing skills in this type of writing atmosphere.