Fried food to Real Food: Why is fried food really bad for you? Why is it addictive? How do we fight these cravings?

We all have cravings.  Some of us fight the wish to buy the delicious sultry taste of FRIED chicken, french FRIES, FRIED FISH or FRIED zucchini.  Even though we may have the best intentions to cure this un-aged craving it is extremely available and there-fore a fast simple decision for a meal or snack.  Although it feels like our society is progressing into the organic healthy eating frame of mind we still have options like FRIED peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, FRIED ice cream, and FRIED apples at special fairs and events to help deter this progress. Not to mention those enticing commercials featuring beautiful slim models eating that burger and fries.  

If your struggle is similar to mine, this is an experiment that is more than necessary.  First, lets explore why FRIED foods are desired and next lets explore how to battle this epidemic want.

Why are fried foods really bad for you?

This addiction can cause an array of health issues including migraines from withdrawal to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, diarrhea, etc.  The fats from fried foods stay in your stomach the longest, creating extra bile and acid that can lead to a host of complications if you continue eating them

When you eat fried chicken or fried fish, for example, from a local restaurant the same oil is used repeatedly. Which means,  further oxidation and breakdown of oils, and further damage to your body. Frying also changes the structure of other nutrients in whatever it is you’re cooking. When carbs are heated to high temperatures in cooking and frying, they produce acrylamide, a carcinogen associated with cancer. Foods also lose a lot of vitamins and minerals when fried. 

One of my personal health goals is to completely ban my taste buds from wanting these types of foods and eventually to build an organic-pescetarian lifestyle.  Going from a childhood of FRIED pork chops, FRIED shrimp, and FRIED donuts makes this task extremely difficult but worth fighting for.  With a family history of diabetes and heart disease, this is a necessary even mandatory feet to carry out in my life.

Why do we crave fried food?

Its addictive! Its main components which are the three S's: Salt, Sodium, and Sugar are all in-lined in the fried foods that we eat.    The scientific make up of fried foods tricks your mind into thinking your body is still hungry.  Because it virtually abolishes all nutrients whether you are frying a vegetable, fruit, or meat; your body is not receiving the nutrients it needs.  Your body continues to scream out to you that you are missing something and need to eat more to fulfill that nutrient deficiency.  There in lies fried foods contribution to the many illnesses listed stemming from this horrible eating habit.

As a child I can remember being able to consume an entire plate full of homemade french fries.  Because my body was trained to devour this kind of five person portion "meal" of fries, I still asked for more!

How do we fight this craving?

Fried food is made up of salt, sugar, and sodium which is glucose.  Glucose is necessary to give fuel energy to our bodies.  The thing to remember is glucose in its most natural form provides this energy!  Your body craves glucose to give energy.  Fried foods have TO MUCH glucose which causes your body to store the unused portion for later but as you pile on the glucose with more and more fried food, your body storage space begins to widen and widen and saturates your body's fat cells causing them to multiply and there goes weight gain!  So let's begin to only think of glucose as being consumed in its most natural form.  How many of us order french fries and say, "hold the salt please" and thinking that we have now made this into a healthy option?Here are a few foods to replace those soaking fat storing fried chicken legs:

1. Fruits - Delicious naturally grown fruits like grapes contain a high percentage of glucose.  Remember there is actually a point where consuming too much fruit is bad for you.  But do not let this deter you from reaching for that apple or those berries over a fried donut.  Your sweet tooth is satisfied and you have overcome that sugar craving for the moment.

2. Vegetables - Instead of frying that zucchini or potato, try boiling or steaming to encourage the intake of glucose in its most natural state. Veggies such as asparagus, brocoli, eggplant, mushrooms, celery, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, onions, and tomatoes are all great sources of glucose foods that also give many other nutritional values.  These are delicious options that do not need to be fried to be tasty.

3.  Dairy products - Milk, cheese, and yogurt satisfy the glucose craving and helps to subside hunger until your next nutritious meal.  So reach for that greek yogurt, that cheese stick snack, and that glass of non-fat milk.

4. Meats - Add stewed veggies which offer glucose satisfaction in addition to your protein needs.  Baked fish such as salmon or cod compliments vegetables like asparagus perfectly.

If you need more quick and easy recipe ideas to fully abolish the need to run through that fast food line try going on websites such asorto enhance your catalog of delicious recipes.

So we have explored one of the enemies in our fight to live a healthier lifestyle: FRIED foods.  We now know fried foods are a false need and it is actually your body crying for nutrients.  We can use this information to make smarter decisions about what we allow our bodies to consume.  Remember it takes at least 21 days for a new system to become routine so as you may fall off the wagon and grab that fried turkey leg on Thanksgiving, or that fried chicken at a barbecue, remember you can always reinvent your mission.  The battle can start as many times as it needs to in order for the routine to begin.  Be a part of the progression toward organic healthy living.  Give your body a chance to live by eliminating FRIED food and replacing it with REAL food.