Garage Sale finds to French Country Divine


Have you ever seen a beautifully shaped furniture piece at a thrift store or garage sale, but couldn’t see past the ugly old beat up wood?


Now you can decorate your home in the ever popular country French design, without spending a lot of money. The benefits to you are of course the savings and the benefit to the environment is that you are saving a piece of furniture from the junk heap. Repurposing is all the rage and it only makes sense especially to those do it yourselfers who like the challenge of taking an old furniture piece and making it something useful to ourselves or someone else once again. It is a truly fulfilling endeavor.


These are the easy steps I use to create these pieces for my home.


Supplies needed:

Liquid sander available at any hardware store

Old t-shirt cut up

Soft paint brush

Paint primer

Flat Matte paint in color desired

Sand paper or sand block

Liquid stain

Damp cloth

Finishing wax paste



To begin, of course you need to find that lovely piece of furniture that needs to be refinished. I often find these at garage sales/estate sales at a very inexpensive price.


Once you get it home, use your cut up t-shirt to wipe it all over with the liquid sander. Allow at least one hour for this to dry. Follow with one coat of paint primer, allow to dry overnight. Next, depending on if you want to use 2 colors or one (I often use a darker color of paint under the light color then when sanded you can see hints of the other color come through). If you choose to use only one color of paint, when sanded you will see the wood color underneath.  Apply one coat of paint to entire piece, allow to dry 24 hours then apply the 2nd coat. Depending on how many coats are applied, 24 hours need to go by before the application of another coat. Once the final coat is dry and you have waited 24 hours, sand the piece, concentrating on the edges until the first paint color becomes visible. Next, use a t-shirt to apply the liquid stain in your choice of wood color to give an aged effect, similar to a tea stain look. As you apply the stain use a separate damp cloth to quickly wipe it to avoid it becoming too dark and muddy on the piece. Again, allow 24 hours for stain to dry. The final step is to rub on the finishing wax and allow to dry one hour and buff to get a beautiful satin finish.


Voila!! French country chic!


painted chair
foot stool
2 end tables