The name of the show we have analysed is called ‘From G’s to Gents’. We have been watching episode eight of season two, called ‘Party Like A Gentleman’. During this episode, two teams had to compete against each other. There was team Blue (consisting of Blue and Mito) and team Red (consisting of Lank, Mito and Baron). The exercise for both teams was the same: they had to attend a dinner at Mr. Bentley’s – the host of the show and the judge of this competition – gentlemen’s club and during this dinner they needed to socialize as much as possible. On first sight, this did not seem very difficult. However, for these people it was. The reason it was difficult for them is because they had been growing up in a very bad environment without any education. Due to this, they did not know how to behave at such an occasion. The team that socialized the best would win the challenge. The team that would win would go out to a club all night to party for free. This was a reward which both teams really wanted to obtain, so there was a lot of competition among them. The environment they were in was really appropriate. They lived together in a beautiful villa: something that you only can afford when being very successful. If those ‘G’s’ (that is: gangsters) would become real Gentleman, they would have a better chance becoming successful and perhaps could be able to afford such a house themselves one day. For this reason, the environment they were in was probably very motivating for them.

While discussing the personal questions, we noticed that we all had quite the same. We did not have a lot of misunderstandings or disagreements. One of the things which we agreed on was that the Blue team was the deserved winners of the challenge. Another thing which we agreed on was the motivation issue of the analyzed team. We immediately said that they were all very motivated and they both had the same goal in mind, which was: winning the challenge while improving their skills and increasing their knowledge. The only thing we had to discuss about was the sixth question where we said two different things and we were not really sure about which one would the most logic answer. In the end we had a pretty good analysis with similar opinions, formed from different points of view.

The evidence we have used to form our opinions was based on an initial assessment of each team member: especially body-language and speech. We, as a team, all remarked the more sociable ones as we looked for signs of social behaviour in the group of guests, and the ability to behave towards each other in maintaining a favourable ambiance. Another part of assessing the team members was the background information on each of the contestants, as this somewhat influenced our team’s appreciation for them, favourable and vice versa.

The show itself tries to maintain a multi-race contestants attitude, so there was no real racial discrimination. However, prejudice played a heavy part in the judge’s analysis of the contestants, which seems rather odd. He vehemently disapproved one of the contestants’ past, as he was a former pimp. This former lifestyle seemed totally unreasonable for a participant in his show. This contestant, however, was not expelled from the show based on these grounds during the episode.


They were focused on their goal; they were highly motivated and had a great team working stimuli. This way of working really impressed Mr. Bentley’s guests. They put a clear objective to show the best sides of their character, while they expressed their past experience as polite as possible. They held some meetings that encouraged their team to work accordingly to a plan and some specific features of behaviour. Knowing how to make a plan and to follow it emphasized their responsibility towards common goal. Moreover, their social skills, the way of communicating which was actually unfamiliar to them and their creativity skills which impressed themselves even more than the auditory. Right approach for a specific task that was convenient in case was generated by the team captain, and accurately followed by other team members.


The main problem the team faced was their background: having no proper education influenced their behaviour a lot. The way manners were displayed was clearly noticed by Mr. Bentley’s guests. Nevertheless, some of the team members affected the image of the team, by interrupting the co-operation of the whole. Maybe if they could co-operate better in some way, there would have been a great chance to win the competition.

The members of the team had been influenced by their past and this heavily affected the way they performed. As this was a great disadvantage, Mr. Bentley was confused: he expected that it would really difficult for team members, including the captain, to hide their nasty habits, while they were socializing with guests. Despite they did their best, and actually achieved their goal, this weakness still made doubt to Mr. Bentley. Even after the competition was finished, his believe that their background left an enormous effect on their behaviour had not been scattered.

Although we could hardly find any problems with the strategy of this team – mainly because they had perfectly reached their goal without getting any negative feedback, from the guests at the party as well as from their mentor Mr. Bentley – there were some aspects on which they could have improved, just to make their performance look even better.

When the guests arrived at the party, Mito immediately introduced himself to one of them – Faith Evans – to tell her that it was a great honour meeting her and that he really admired her work. During the rest of the party however, the members of the team were only speaking about themselves. Even though this strategy did work, because it aroused emotions among the guests, it definitely would have been a plus if the team members had also showed some interest in the guests, by asking some questions about them.

After dinner was being served to the table, one of the guests mentioned that the meal was rather cold. The team could have prohibited this problem by communicating with each other or with the people in the kitchen before letting the meal come through.

Another thing the team members could have done extra, was telling a story together to make them look more like a team. They could have told the guests about the shared experiences they have had being on the show so far.

List of ideas to improve performance:

- Showing more interest in the guests

- Better communication between the team members

- Performing more as a team instead of as individuals

The main thing the team could have done in order to improve their performance is the first point mentioned in the answer to the previous question, that is: showing more interest in their guests. This would have given the guests the opportunity to speak for a while as well, instead of just listening all the time. This could lead to a better atmosphere, because it would create a setting for active conversations from both sides, instead of a setting of speakers and audience.

The last two points mentioned at the question above may afterwards be considered rather unnecessary. Although it is a bad thing that the food was being served cold, one of the team members – Blue – responded perfectly to the situation by sincerely apologizing for it and warming it up for the person concerned. This action gave the team extra credit at the evaluation.

The point about telling stories together could have definitely contributed to the image of the members as a team rather than individuals. However, it could have also made the whole setting look more like a rehearsed show, instead of a spontaneous conversation.