Get Rid of Those Critters Fast With These Tips and Tricks

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Waking up with itchy welts is a terrible feeling, and if you can't afford a specialist to come in and take care of those bed bugs for you, then finding a great home remedy for bed bugs will help kill those critters quickly and get rid of those itchy morning welts in no time. From heat and steam treatments to insecticides, there are many easy ways to kill those nasty critters and reclaim your bed, couch, or other infected furniture. So let's take a look at the effective ways you can get rid of bed bugs yourself and you can choose the one that is right for you.


A Mattress Cover is a Great Home Remedy for Bed Bugs

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If you are looking for a non-chemical method of getting rid of bed bugs that is simple and easy to do, then you might consider the great home remedy for bed bugs of utilizing a mattress cover. The mattress covers that are made for bed bug infestations fit completely over your mattress and pillows, preventing any further infestations from occurring while trapping the existing infestation underneath the cover.


It takes awhile for this method of bed bug control to work - sometimes up to a year or even more, because bed bugs can survive for quite some time without feeding and once you've covered the mattress, there are still plenty of digestible materials available for them to consume before they actually do run out. However, there is little effort required in the installation of a cover and you generally get immediate relief from bed bug bites when it is installed correctly.


You can purchase either a vinyl or a fabric mattress cover that will help you get rid of bed bugs yourself that fits your mattress, pillow, or other furniture. Fabric covers are much more enjoyable to use, but watch out if you manage to squish a bed bug - you'll have unsightly stains. That's why many people choose the vinyl covers. They might be a little sticky to use when it is warm outside, but they are very easy to clean and they don't show those unsightly stains when you smush those little beasties.


Heat and Steam is a Great Home Remedy for Bed Bugs

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When it comes to an effective home remedy for bed bugs, nothing is more effective than heat and steam. Bed bugs are susceptible to temperatures above 120 degrees, so washing your clothes, linens, and other items that come into contact with the best in water that is warmer than this is extremely effective in killing any infestation that might be present. Using the highest heat setting on your dryer will help eliminate the rest of the infestation that might have been able to survive through the high heat washing process. The best part about this method is that if you are concerned that some might have survived through the process, you can repeat it as many times as you feel is necessary.


The compliment to the high heat washing of the linens, clothing, and other materials that come into contact with your infested furniture is to utilize steam. How do you kill bed bugs with steam? f you've ever held your hand over a whistling teapot, you know how hot steam can be - after all, it can give you a burn. Imagine what that hot steam will do to a bed bug. In order to properly steam your furniture, you are going to need a home steamer, but you can pick up a good one for under $100 most places. What makes a good home steamer? One with a high tank capacity, 50 gallons or over, and can heat the steam to at least 200 degrees. It is important that the steam be that hot so that you can heat up all areas of your furniture to at least 120 degrees. If you don't, then you won't kill the bugs - they will instead migrate to the cooler area and you'll still be infested.


Insecticides are a Great Home Remedy for Bed Bugs

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Insecticides are also a great home remedy for bed bugs. We don't want anything toxic in our homes, so what you will want to look for is an insecticide called "diatomaceous earth." This insecticide, which is made from the remains of dried algae, works because even though the particles of the insecticide are tiny, they are extremely sharp when it comes to the ability to penetrate a bug and will kill the bug upon contact with it. Apply a few treatments to your furniture and surrounding carpets and floors to insure that you have prevented any escapees from surviving.


And You Still Have Those Bed Bug Bites to Treat, Right?

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When it comes to a bed bugs bite treatment remedy, nothing feels better than a little soap and warm water. Simply wash the bites gently with the soap and water and you will feel the itch and pain migrate away. If that doesn't take care of the symptoms, then applying a standard hydrocortisone cream, like an anti-itch cream, to the bite and surrounding areas will help reduce inflammation and help get those bites feeling better in no time.


Thankfully the bed bugs side effects rarely progress past the point of red, itchy, and sometimes painful bumps. However, sometimes these bites, if left untreated, can transform into an infection, and if that is left untreated, you could end up with some serious complications. If you feel that your bite has started to become infected, make sure that you are cleansing the bite area daily with something that is able to kill the infection, like iodine or alcohol. Then apply the hydrocortisone cream as indicated on the label.


When it comes to the elimination of bed bugs, utilizing a great home remedy for bed bugs can help you quickly eliminate an infestation, help your prevent getting another one, and can help you get back to having a normal life in no time at all.