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Nokia corp. which evolved from a river side paper mill founded in 1865 to world’s largest cell phone manufacturer is now struggling in smart phone race because of the tough competition offered by the companies like Samsung, Apple, LG etc. Actually Nokia itself was the inviter of this situation by ignoring the rapid evolution of smart phone generation.

In 1865 Nokia corp. was found in Finland for selling paper then it became rubber goods manufacturer. In 1992 10th November Nokia entered the cell phone industry with Nokia1011 (GSM).this phone offered only 90 minutes of talk time and required an antenna which had to be extended for phone calls. A decade ago in 2003 Nokia1100 launched which came with a flashlight built in.Nokia1100 still carries the record of the best-selling handset of all the time, with around 250 million units sold. We all might have played the snake game, we can give all the credits to Nokia for its innovation.

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Nokia on Reverse gear :

Destruction of this mobile giant started in the year 2007 only. Firstly a series of Li-on batteries which were in the products ranging from Nokia 1100 to N70 was found faulty and the company recalled all such 46 million batteries. Though Nokia handled this with a dedicated website and many such suitable arrangements but because of this mishap Nokia’s share prices reduced around 50 percent.

In 2007 when the 1st iPhone introduced by Apple corp. at that time Nokia was the market leader having a market share of more than 52% in mobile phone industry. When the media asked Nokia about the iPhone launch the company ignored it by saying “we’re the leader in this market & the entire world follows us”. They were least bothered about the iPhone launch which actually initiated the smart phone era and this single mistake’s result is Nokia’s present situation. It lost most of its market share to the rivals and finally Microsoft purchased it at a much lesser price ($7.2 billion).

After waking up from the long sleep, this company finally entered the smart phone race in 2010 by adopting Windows Phone as its primary OS ( I can’t understand why the company did so? ) after signing a contract with Microsoft in which Microsoft agreed to give $1 billion per annum and ditched Symbian which was its own developed mobile OS. This was the effect of Nokia’s new CEO Stefan Elop (2010) who was an ex Microsoft employee and he explained the choice by indicating WindowsPhone as a burning platform.

As a result of this Nokia - Microsoft deal the Lumia lineup came to the market which is still struggling to capture a hand full of market share because of the Android and ios siblings.

Nokia the name is enough. Though company has earned a respected place in everybody’s memory but the company is now paying for that single mistake of 2007. Nokia’s phones are known for the quality, durability & reliability. Even I feel much relaxed when carrying a Nokia phone in my pocket because this band has created such an image. Whether the windows phone adoption by Nokia was a step towards right direction or not that is still an unanswered question. My opinion will be if it would have gone for both WindowsPhone and Android then I might not have to write this article. Just imagine which one you will prefer Lumia1080 or Lumia1520 with Android or the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is the best-selling Android flagship.