From handwriting to typing

Handwriting is a skill that has been forgotten. In this world very few people need to use handwriting on a daily basis. Once again machines have made our world much simpler, and possibly more boring.

But isn't handwriting still a pretty useful skill to have? Computers have become smaller and today we have very powerful laptops and smartphones, still typing with a smartphone is very slow and we cannot use laptops everywhere. Handwriting is very useful skill in certain occasions, there are times when you just can't pull out your laptop and start to type.

Handwriting looks beautiful (If it has been written by someone that is even a decent writer.) and it's fun, I really enjoy handwriting and calligraphy. Sometimes I just write and write, then I go get some more coffee and I realize that I have written dozens of pages and it's almost a morning already.

In the past learning handwriting was a very large part of education. Handwriting is not being taught in the schools around the world anymore. We still have printing, but will there be a time when we will forget that also?

It's a shame that handwriting is disappearing, it is very beautiful way of writing, also it is much more efficient way to write than printing. I don't know anyone from my generation that writes physically, or even has the ability to write physically. The only people I know that can handwrite is my mom, my grandparents and maybe some of my cousins. The fact that people can't write anymore is not the whole problem, what also contributes is that people can't even read it anymore. I might not be the best writer in the world, but usually no one can read the text I write.

The only occasions I see handwriting is the letters which I get every Christmas and birthday. It is very nice to see handwritten letters every now and then, but sadly these are becoming more and more rare.

It can be seen, step by step physical human skills are becoming more and more obsolete each day. Many old skills are being, and have been forgotten. It seems that now it's the time of handwriting, just as hieroglyphs and rock carvings were replaced by writing, now writing is being replaced by typing.


Sea of information


We have to admit it typing with computers is much more faster and easier. We can send messages and emails for free and in instant, we can very easily include images, even music and video. Not only we can send messages and emails to one person, we can send the same message even to thousand people. We can receive messages and email anywhere, we don't need to stay at home and wait for mailman anymore.

There are some downsides to this new age of information. Probably the biggest downside of all is the stress this causes, we can be reached 24/7 anywhere around the world. Very few people unplug even for few hours a week. I'm guilty for this myself, I can be reached anytime, anywhere, I carry usually two phones and at least one computer with me where ever I go, I can't recall a situation where someone couldn't reach me.

Handwriting and sending letters represent old world where everything was slow. Today we live on fast lane and typing is the new norm, everything has to happen in this moment and we have to be within reach 24/7. We live with minute schedule and we rush around in this sea of information. Old habits and techniques just don't have place in the new world.