There are many types of Hardwood flooring in use today and one of the more popular of these is walnut flooring. The combination of deep rich colors and dense durable material make walnut an excellent choice as a flooring material.

Walnut flooring, as you might have guessed, is made from material that comes from the walnut tree. Walnut trees are well known and have become popular because of their leaves, the beauty of the wood they produce, and of course walnuts, a favorite treat for millions of people all over the world.

Walnut trees come from an order of trees that include around 30 species and are usually grown in North America. The walnut tree is one of the largest from the order of trees it belongs to. One notable fact about this popular species is that it grows very quickly and can reach the height of about 21 feet in just 10 years. If kept healthy, the walnut tree can grow to a height of about 70 feet. The trunk of the Walnut tree is pretty wide and it often reaches a diameter of five feet or more. Perhaps the main uses of Walnut trees lies in the manufacture of walnut flooring, gun stocks and other types of furniture.

When the walnut trees are still young, the color of their wood is white. When the tree starts growing, its wood becomes brown and the tree will be strong-veined and much more resistant to bugs or anything else that could harm the growing hardwood. Walnut is being replaced by other woods in some places but it is still without a doubt one of Europe's most beautiful furniture woods. In terms of the density and the beauty of the markings, timber obtained from trees grown on poor soil is actually the best.

Walnut material is excellent for flooring. The Walnut flooring's grain is frequently curly with mottled and differently shaped figures. It is considered a Hardwood material because of its durability and resistance.

If you ever install Walnut flooring in your house, you will experience a better ambiance, and a better life when spending time at home. Walnut flooring doesn't need any special care, however, it would be wise if you lift up the furniture that needs to be moved instead of dragging it around on the Walnut floor, and always make sure that you clean it once in a while with a broom or mop. If we take a look at the prices of other flooring materials, Walnut flooring is certainly worth the price it commands because of its many positive attributes.

Walnut Flooring may definitely be your first choice if you want your home to look original and different than the other ones. Millions of people use walnut flooring to enrich their home, so if elegance and durability are your goals, then Walnut flooring may be a good choice for your home or office.