A keypad door lock doesn't rely on keys to open the front door. Keypad door locks have become popular home door locks to use these days. They're more secure and make it much more difficult for a burglar to access. Good front door locks are important to maintain top-notch security for your home. There are plenty of different ways to keep your home secured. Home alarm systems can be useful, along with home surveillance cameras. However, starting with secured entry door locks are still the best ways to protect your home. Good front door locks with a keypad, instead of a key is easy to set up yourself. Down below are some home burglar statistics and front door locks to purchase online.


Home Burglary Statistics

According to statistics, there are 6,088 home break ins a day in the United States. According to the FBI, every 12 seconds someone's home has been broken into. 60% of home invasions happen in the daylight. 89% of home burglars are never caught, and 38% of assaults happen during a home robbery. Nearly 70% of all home robberies are done with forcible entry. So if someone wants to break into your home bad enough, they'll make a decent effort at least. You can still purchase home alarm systems, and other home security products as well. A good front door lock is still the best and most effective way to keep your home safe.

The most common way for a burglar to break into someone's home is from the front door. Most people don't have very secured entry door locks. Some people don't even lock their front door at all. Most standard entry door locks are easy to pick. You want to keep your entire home secured, but the front door is usually the easiest and quickest way for someone to break into your home. A burglar wants to get in and out fast. A good keypad door lock on the front door will usually discourage a burglar, and they're more likely to move on. Really good keyless front door locks are well worth your purchase. You want the very best to keep your home and family members safe at all times.

Where to Buy the Best Front Door Locks with a Keypad

Schlage Keyless Locks - These are highly recommended front door locks to purchase online. They are expensive keypad door locks that cost over a $100 dollars. There are plenty of different Schlage models to choose from. The Schlage King Cobra KC5190 are extremely expensive entry door locks. It is the most expensive Schlage keypad door lock out on the market. It costs over $400 dollars online at keyless property. However, it is one of the better entry front door locks out on the market. It features a 12-button keypad. The latch types included are cylindrical latch bolt, mortise latch bolt, and mortise auto bolt. Two codes are needed to gain access.

Schlage Plymouth Keyless ExteriorIt you want a Schlage keyless lock that's a bit cheaper, then the Schlage Plymouth Keyless Exterior door lock is a very good purchase for your home. It still costs over a hundred dollars. These are highly recommended entry door locks to purchase for its price, and they're easy to set up yourself. You can program up to 19 personalized codes. A key isn't required to open it. There has been rave reviews on this keypad door lock. It has received great customer feedback since it doesn't provide many headaches setting up, and works quite effectively. The dead bolt used is very sturdy and secured. You can purchase this keypad door lock online at handle sets.

Digital Deadbolt Lock with Remote Control & Keyboard - These are pretty reasonable entry door locks that are going for sale online at ingstores.com. Prices are reasonable, and only costs slightly over a $100 dollars. You can set up this keypad door lock by yourself. It only takes 5 minutes to install, and comes with six user sub codes and one master code. It automatically locks within 20 seconds after its unlocked. You don't have to worry about forgetting to lock your door when leaving. It will do it for you. Only those who know the code can access these digital front door locks.

Alarm Lock Digital Keypad - A highly recommended keypad door lock to maintain top-notch security of your home. Not exactly a cheap keypad door lock either. Alarm Lock entry door locks cost over $300 dollars online. You can program up to 2,000 different codes on this keypad door lock. It comes with timed automatic lock and unlock schedules. It's a keyless digital keypad door lock that allows a time entry of just 5 to 15 seconds. It's a 12 button keypad. These are highly featured front door locks that can be purchased online and are going sale at go keyless.