Front load washers are really efficient machines that save both water and energy. However, some complain that they are hard to maintain and cost a lot when repairs are needed.

Another school of thought, however, believes that the front load washer problems are in the user's maintenance practice and not inherent in the machine. For example, there have been bad reviews of certain washers complaining that the pump do not have a screen to make sure that coins and other objects would not get lodged into it.

However, if we merely ensure that there are no more objects in the pockets of the clothes we are about to wash, then such things could be easily avoided. Machines are created to make our life easier, not tend to all our needs. We have to take care of the machines.

Also, people always disregard reading the manuals. These give proper information on how to operate the washer and the best practices to keep it up and going for a long time.

Careful people are able to keep their washers for decades, but people who do not know what to do encounter front load washer problems.

One of the usual mistakes is that they don't use high efficiency detergent or low suds detergent. Unlike top load washers and in hand washing, front load washers use a small amount of water. So the detergent should have fewer suds which are high efficiency to ensure that the clothes are hitting the water and not the suds.

Too much suds will keep the clothes from being thoroughly cleaned. Also, one of the usual front load washer problems is the accumulation of mold.

Well, the simplest way to prevent it is to keep the lid open after washing to dry out the machine completely. Molds live in humid and wet conditions so you have to merely keep your machine clean and dry.