Frontierville is the latest game to have been released by popular social gaming giants, Zynga. This company has had a lot of success with other Facebook titles like Farmville, Mafia Wars, and Texas Hold Em' Poker. Frontierville already has over five million users and it has only been a few weeks since its launch. If you want to catch up with other Frontierville users then read this article for some great tips and hints for beginners.

#1 Clearing the land
In the beginning, there is nothing much for you to do, other than clearing a few rocks, thorns, and trees. Do not clear them unless the quest asks you to. There has been plenty of cases when users cleared their whole plot of land, only to find out that it was part of the next quest. If this happens to you then you may have to end up waiting a few days before they reappear in your homestead. For example, some users have complained that it took them a week for a few thorns to regrow.

#2 Neighbors - Start early
Success in Frontierville is based on the number of neighbors you have. Zynga has used the same concept with all their other popular titles. The more neighbors you have, the more bonuses you will receive. For example, Frontierville utilizes a wish list system. Your neighbors can you send items based on what you need in your wish list. Obviously, the more neighbors you have, the higher the chance that you will receive the items you need. Frontierville neighbors can also help you harvest and clear stuff in your homestead. This is useful when you do not have any energy points left.

#3 Harvesting crops
The easiest way to increase your gold coins in Frontierville is to grow crops. As your level gets higher and higher, you are given more choices of crops to grow. According to many Frontierville experts, peanuts are the way to go if you are completing the 100,000 and 200,000 gold coins quest. Trees are also very useful. You can harvest them as many times as you want. You can even collect collection items which will give you more experience points. For example, the apple tree collection gives 50 experience points whenever you complete the set.

#4 Clobbering wild animals
In Frontierville, you will have a lot of wild animals appearing in your homestead. At the moment, there are grizzly bears, snakes, groundhogs, and foxes. The fox is probably the most annoying because they can gobble up your farm animals. If your chickens go missing one day then make sure you look around your homestead to see if there is a fox. The other animals I have listed only appear when you do a certain action. For example, bears only appear when you start chopping trees. They may take a few of your precious energy points away but they are worth it in the end because they give you a lot of bonus items. You can also collect wild animal collection items which give you extra experience points.

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