Many people who own Dogs and Cats are looking for the best way to stop fleas and ticks appearing on and causing problems for, their pets. Frontline flea and tick treatment is probably the most efficient way to prevent fleas and ticks, and to eliminate them if they are already present.

Let's take a look at exactly what frontline flea and tick treatment is and how to use it properly.

Frontline For Dogs treatment is an external liquid application for Dog and Cats. It comes in a sealed plastic pipette. To apply it you simply break the seal and squeeze the contents on to your pets skin. It should be applied between the shoulder blades and for Dogs it is recommended that you apply frontline flea treatment in two places. Between the shoulder blades but also above the hips.

Frontline for Dogs seems to work much better if you apply the capsule in two places so this should be adhered to for maximum results.

The liquid must always be applied directly to the skin and never to the fur. There are frontline sprays for Cats where you rub the frontline in once sprayed but when it comes in liquid form in a capsule it always goes directly on to the skin.

Frontline works by ensuring that any fleas or ticks on your pet will be killed in a very short space of time. It really does work amazingly quickly and is highly recommended. Frontline flea and tick treatment works so quickly that I always recommend that you apply it out of doors whenever possible. By applying frontline outside you will not risk fleas falling off and landing on the floor inside.

Although the fleas and ticks will be killed it is still better if you can apply the frontline flea and tick treatment out of doors. I always do it first thing in the morning. That way you can leave the animals outside for as long as possible as long as weather permits. Any flea or ticks that fall of will be outside and you won't have to have the task of getting rid of them as you would in the home.

If you do apply frontline out of doors ensure that the Dog or Cat does not get wet. They need to stay dry for at least a day. Don't apply if there is a chance of rain unless you can stay vigilant and ensure that they can be brought inside before getting wet. If you follow these guidelines for frontline flea and tick treatment you will have a flea free pet for at least a month.