Frontline Flea Control For Your Pet

How Does It Work?

How does Frontline work to protect your animal from fleas and ticks? Frontline Flea Control has an active ingredient called fibronil. When you put the product on the skin of your pet, it gets stored in the oil glands underneath the skin. Then it begins to distribute through the hair follicles in a steady stream through the hair and the skin.  This is the reason it is so fast acting, because of the way it was distributed through your pets body. Within twelve hours you should notice a difference and it's long-lasting so one dose should keep working for a whole month. It's also waterproofed so if your pet is out in the rain or gets a bath it won't hurt any.

The positive results of using Frontline Flea Control for your pet is it will break the life cycle so future infestations are rare. I remember before we started using frontline, we kept buying everything cheap at the pet shop and the grocery store like flea collars, which never worked right if they stayed on! Our German shepherd seemed to enjoy finding a way to get the collar off. We always found it lying around somewhere instead of where it should have been, around his neck!

Another thing that we were careful with was the sprays that are out there. Even certain shampoos to kill fleas and ticks made our dog's skin sore and dry. Until we found Frontline, the poor fellow was itching and scratching 24/7.

How To Apply Frontline On Your Dog

Pros And Cons of Using Treatments Like Frontline

Are there side effects to using Frontline Flea Control?

Some people worry that there could be side effects to using a strong treatment like Frontline Flea Control on their pet. Some folks have argued that after using Frontline, their animal became very lethargic. I'm just wondering if they gave the pet the wrong dose. I've used this treatment on my animals for a few years and never had any problems with it.

One buyer  said that she has a chow mix and trying to find fleas and ticks was nearly impossible so to her using Frontline is wonderful  reassurance that her precious pet is free from deadly ticks.

There are different types of Frontline:

  • 0-22 lbs for dogs
  • 45-88 lbs for dogs
  • 89-132 for xtra large dogs

These are just a few examples of what you should look for when purchasing this product. It is very important to get the right size and dosage because if you don't, then there is a possibility that your pet could have side effects.

 Lyme disease is deadly for your pet and keeping ticks and fleas off is a must.

I would love to hear what works for your animal. Do you use Frontline flea control or do you have another product that you swear by?

Side Effects Of Using Frontline Flea Control

A Vets Opinion

Taking Care of Your Pet is Huge!

Loving Your Best Friend means getting their needs met

Our best friends seem to keep our spirits alive! Since the kiddies are all grown up now, I love spending time with my doggies and appreciate them a lot more. Taking care of them is a top priority as a pet owner. Of course, indulging in some really cool stuff is like buying things for the kids again! Yes, it's important and you show love by making sure all of their needs are met, they get to the vet for check ups and make sure they are flea and tick free.  However, have you seen all of the cool stuff out there for dogs? Harley Davidson collars and leashes if you are a motorcycle enthusiast, Football or sports leashes and doggles eyewear are just a few of the fun stuff I love to indulge in.

What kinds of stuff do you find for your pet? I would love to hear about it.