Frontline for Dogs is one of the absolute best ways to keep your Dog free of ticks and fleas. It always works extremely fast and once applied it will keep fleas and ticks off a Dog for aminimum of a month. There is one important thing to bear in mind though, especially for large Dogs, if you want to keep the frontline working efficiently for as long as possible. This is to ensure that the frontline for Dogs is applies properly.

Although you can get generic frontline for dogs I don't really recommend it as if you know where to look you can get the real frontline very cheaply and it works more efficiently. So, how do we ensure that we apply frontline for Dogs properly?

Frontline for Dogs should always be applied to the skin of a Dog and never the fur. It simply will will not work properly if you do not apply it directly to the skin. However, on large Dogs that you use a large capsule of frontline on, you may find that half way through applying it you begin to see it soak in to the fur. This is not good.

Rather than simply continue it is best to stop and apply to another spot. By applying frontline for Dogs in two places it will work much better. It can be spread around the body easier and also you run less risk of it not working properly. When you apply it and see that more is being soaked up by the fur than is going on to the Dogs skin then you know that you have applied too much in one place.

Simply stop and apply further down the Dogs back. Although primarily a help for large Dogs this can also apply to all Dogs. If the frontline for Dogs is not working as well as you expected it to then try applying in two distinct places rather than only one.

Frontline should work very quickly if you apply it correctly. If you see that it stops working efficiently before the month is up then you really should start to apply it in two places on your Dog. You will see a marked difference in just how well it works. You may also find, like me that you only need to apply it every six weeks.

I hope this has been of help when it comes to applying, and getting the most from, frontline for Dogs.