Frost free under counter freezers are the space savers of the century. With kitchens getting smaller and people downsizing, less is more and under counter appliances are in high demand.

Freezers are no exception and getting the right unit to fit your needs will take a little research. You'll be looking for something big enough to handle your food, while using up as little space a necessary.

Units are available in a wide range of sizes. Some have a single door, some use a double door, and some even use three doors for a really large capacity unit. Figure out just what you'll be keeping in your freezer and estimate the space you'll need.

You'll need to measure your available space. Making sure the unit will fit where you'd like it is an important step. Take the time to consider your needs and make sure your not trying to put too much in too little space.

Enlarging the area you'll be installing your under counter frost free freezer in will make more sense then freezing less then you'd like. This should be done before you make your purchase. An informed consumer will make out better in the end.

Available Features For Frost Free Under Counter Freezers

Some of the features you'll be choosing from include an adjustable thermostat and auto defrost. This feature will provide you with a set it and forget it operation.

Economical units come on and off as needed and therefore save energy. Today's electric costs make it a necessity to find an efficient unit as well as a functional freezer.

Adjustable shelving to allow the customization of you new freezers interior is a great feature. Also an interior light helps when trying to find things.

Some units will come with reversible doors which can effect where your freezer goes. Right hand or left hand swing can matter in some areas. Also some doors have dual finishes and can be reversed to fit your decor.

Fan forced circulation is a feature that will keep away freezer burn. It also helps to keep the temperature within the unit more consistent.

Units are available with built in ice makers. this is a great feature if your using the unit in a home bar or exercise room.

All of these features should be considerations in your ultimate purchase.

Where Do I Find An Under-Counter Frost Free Freezer?

These units are available from a wide range of suppliers. An Internet search will return a multitude of possibilities. This can be confusing but it can also be an incredible tool. Use a search engine like Google and find all the units that offer you the features you've decided you need.

Check warranty and then price. Compare several brands and find out who has just what your looking for. Make sure you've measured your space twice. Think of future demands you may place on the appliance. Allow for some forgotten things you may be adding. Up-sizing a little may be something you should consider.