Frozen Margarita Mix

Having Frozen Margaritas Available at All Times is a Sensible Thing to Do

Frozen margaritas are delicious, contain plenty of vitamin C and help you contact your inner child by re-acquainting your face with your floor. Every good tex-mex themed party starts with frozen margarita mix and ends with...well...who can remember. But it certainly starts with frozen margaritas at least. Frozen margarita mix is fantastic because it can be easily kept on hand in the freezer for months until that special celebratory mood strikes and it's time to whip up some delicious cold and refreshing beverages for your guests. Whether or not they like salt on the rims of their glass, your guests can definitely agree it's nice to able to have delicious frozen margaritas at home and not have to worry about venturing to or from a bar or restaurant where you have to concern yourself with safe driving practices, finding a designated driver, and paying out the nose for overblown bar drinks. The best thing about having frozen margarita mix on hand at home is that everyone can garnish and make their own frozen margaritas to their own particular liking, which you certainly can't do at restaurants or bars.

Hosting Fun Parties with Frozen Margarita Mix

Frozen margarita mix makes the perfect centerpiece to a fun and exciting dinner party for you and your closest friends. You can run your party in a number of different ways and use frozen margarita mix to whip up quick, easy and delicious frozen margaritas to keep everyone happy and talking . If you want to be the mix master and focus on just churning out the high quality frozen margaritas all night without having to worry about cooking as well, you can insist that each one of your guests brings one simple mexican dish. One person can bring rice, one person can bring refried beans, one can bring a large plate of several shredded cheeses blended together, and others can bring shredded lettuce, diced tomatos, salsa, sour cream, etc. That way, no one has to do very much prep work at all and everyone gets to dive right into the enjoyment when they arrive for the frozen margarita party. You can keep your attention on the frozen margarita mix and keep handing them out as your guests finish their drinks.

If you want to get fancy with your frozen margarita mix, you can opt to spend a little more money for some fine touches that will elevate your drinks from sufficiently swillable to totally divine. If you add a shot and a half of the orange liquer cointreau to your frozen margarita mix, you can achieve a fancy tasting frozen margarita while still saving a good bit of green over buying drinks out.

If you want to go the extra mile in terms of garnishing your frozen margaritas, you can take a bunch of large grain salt and lay it out in a circle on a shallow plate or dish. Wet the rim of each frozen margarita glass with a freshly cut lime wedge and then turn the glass upside down, gently grinding the rim into your pile of salt. This will hold the salt on the rim of the glass and give a nice complimentary bite to each sip of frozen margarita.

When you buy frozen margarita mix you can stock up ahead of time since the cans of frozen margarita mix will hold very well as long as you keep them in your freezer. Happy festing and always remember to drink responsibly - even if it means acquainting your face with your friend's uncomfortable floor instead of trying to drive home.