Are you wondering what are the best and most practical ways to save money with some frugal budget tips? There are plenty of frugal ideas out there which will help you save money at home and at the store. These tips on making a budget will go a long way to helping you plan your monthly income and expense budget. This extra money can then be used on such things as extra groceries, money for entertainment or just savings. Check out these easy ways to save money below.

Best Ways to Save Money at Home 

Cut your own hair or your kids hair. I was honestly shocked at just how much money I saved by cutting my own hair at home.

Here’s an example. Getting a haircut can cost you about $15 per month with tip included. That equates to about $180 per year. You can instead buy a home hair cut kit for about $30. It will pay for itself rather quickly!

In 10 years, you will have save around $1,500 by cutting your own hair at home! If you have kids, this does not even include them.

This is one of the most practical ways to save money at home and a good saving tip. Think of how much more money you will have to save or spend on essential items like food!

Check out this article on the best home hair cut kits – all for under $30.

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Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Grocery Saving TipsCredit:

- Check the ads for coupons, a no-brainer. There are always great coupons available which will help you save money at the grocery store.

- However, you shouldn’t just buy anything because it’s on sale. Stick to the items you really need. I like to make two separate lists – one  list of essential “need” items and one list of “want” items. This will help you prioritize!Frugal Budget Tips

 - Take a calculator with you to the grocery store to make sure you stay on budget! If you see you are going over your grocery store budget, you should consider dropping unneeded items.

- Buy groceries in bulk to save money. A lot of stores have better savings deals if you buy more at once.

- Re-consider which grocery store you shop at. Is there a different grocery store which has better deals? It might be worth the extra 5 minute drive!

Saving Money on Alcohol – Buying a Hidden Flask

You may not want to do this but if you are someone who drinks and likes to live on the wild side – you might want to check out a hidden flask!

This will save you tons of money on beverages at sporting events, cruises, bars and clubs, or concerts. And they are undectible so you won’t get in trouble.

Have you heard of the WineRack Bra - a Sports Bra that holds wine or other beverages? This is one really funny hidden alcohol flask which holds up to 25 ounces of your favorite beverage - right in your bra! You have to see it for yourself to believe it.

Rum Runner Flask - Hidden Flask to Save Money

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Perfect flask for sneaking alcohol on a cruise or at a bar.

Frugal Budget Tips – Other Tips on Making a Budget

If you are looking for other tips on how to plan a budget, here are some ideas:

- Know exactly how much money you make per month, after tax.

- Figure out just how much money you spend per month.

- Cut out things that you don’t need or things that don’t make you happy such as Satellite TV, extra nights out at bars or restaurants, fancy clothes, etc.

- Track this information every single month and push yourself to save more! Create a long term goal and short term goals to help you achieve your goals on saving money.

- Be realistic and don’t stress yourself out. You must splurge every now and then. Once a month, plan a night out for yourself where you can spend $100 or so on anything you want! It’s like having a diet cheat day.

Best Books on Being Frugal and Saving Money

Need motivation and more guidance? This is the best book on saving money and budgeting I’ve ever read below.

Best Book on Budgeting and Saving Money

Some great information in this book includes:

- Ways to Achieve a complete financial makeover

- How to Set up a realistic budget

- How you can Never pay retail

- Easy ways Slash your grocery bill

- How to Organize your time & your home

- How to Use coupons wisely

I hope you enjoyed this article on the best and most practical ways to save money with frugal budget tips!