When living frugal grocery day can be a pain. It’s a major expense that you can’t do much about. We all want to feed our family healthy without putting a pinch on our wallets. That requires a good variety of foods for our family to eat every week. It can be a big challenge when you have a family involved but if you get determined then you can change the way everyone in your family eats while making them happier, healthier, and a little bit richer. Groceries don’t have to be a depressing day when frugal living. Many people can easily cut their grocery bill in half by following these few steps.

Chage What You Eat

Changing what you eat can be the fastest way to cut your bills. The good thing about this is that some of the best deals in the grocery store are the absolute healthiest. Notice how I said some. I’m a firm believer in skipping anything over processed, even if it’s at a good deal. Some others may not be so strict. When shopping you also want to focus on high calorie but low cost foods. We all need a certain amount of calories to survive, so when comparing food use the calories and the price. One great option that most families already appreciate is pasta. It is one of the cheapest healthy foods to eat in the grocery store. Another less known great option is brown rice. It can come in large packages for very little cost. That would bring us to another big packaged low cost food, beans. Not everyone is a fan of beans but after you get used to them you really start to enjoy them. This step alone can cut your food bill by 25%.

One Stop Rule

Most families get their groceries weekly or bi-weekly. Considering the cost of the time to shop it is often best to go to the grocery store as rarely as possible. That’s why I recommend a no-stop policy. I never stop at the grocery store or convenience store to buy anything in between shopping trips. Some might think, I can’t do that, things come up fast in life. I agree that things come up fast in life. I just don’t let things going up fast effect my wallet negatively. If someone in the family is out of something I’d recommend that they try eating something else. It is also a good policy for making sure everyone puts what is running out on a list.

Coupon Carefully

Extreme couponing is often shown on TV to be the best way to save money for a families grocery trip. While it can save a lot of money to the determined person, I normally wouldn’t recommend worrying too much about it. The amount of money saved is usually less than minimum wage when time is considered. If someone enjoys it then, by all means, do it as much as you like. It just isn’t as profitable as it looks like. What I recommend instead is to keep up with local extreme couponers online or in online forums. Spending only ten minutes a week you can plan out ways to cut your bill significantly. That’s because, instead of wasting your time reading and search, you just use the things that other people have already figured out.


Shopping for groceries with a family can be expensive. The frugal living like myself cringe at the thought of spending that money. By focusing on what you eat, how you buy it, and taking advantage of deals you can save thousands of dollars a year. It makes finding your way to the store that much more easy. Sometimes even a little bit fun.