In this economy there are a lot of people who need financial assistance.  Some people do not think that they should use coupons.  However, if you have any type of debt, you should be using coupons to reduce your grocery bill so that you will be able to pay down your debt faster.  If you know that you sould use coupons but do not where to get them, you are in luck. Here are some tips to get more coupons.

Join the Blogosphere

I know, it sounds a little cliché but the truth is that coupon blogs can save you a ton of time.  Couponing takes a lot of time if you want to become an extreme couponer. However, if you are just trying to save a little money, you can quickly check the blogs to see the best deals. 

There are a lot of blogs out there so you want to make sure that you chose the best ones.  You do not need to read every single coupon blog just to make sure that you find every single deal.  If you try to do that you will probably become frustrated and give up on couponing.  Besides, most of the blogs will post the same deals, so you won’t be learning anything new.

You should start by reading one or two blogs a day.  Check them regularly (or subscribe to them) so that you know about all the best deals.  If you are a beginner I recommend that you subscribe to a national blog and a blog for your state.  This makes sure that you know about the best deals that pertain to everyone and those that pertain to you.

The best benefit about these blogs is that they usually tell you where to get your coupons.  They will usually link to sites or stores that have a coupon available (if they are online).

Join Loyalty Programs

If you frequently buy a product you need to join that companies newsletter or loyalty program.  It will end up saving you a ton of money.  Some companies will send people on their mailing list special coupons that are not released in the newspaper. 

Many couponies are making apps that will provide you with coupons.  Once company that consistently sends coupons to its customers is Michaels (the craft store).  Every week people with the app are given a digital copy of the coupon in the paper.  The people on this list also get special discounts on one item per week (usually the item is discounted 50%).

Get Magazines

In the digital age it may seem a bit odd to hear someone recommend that you buy some magazines.  But it is a good way to get some of the best coupons.  A magazine that is notorious for its great coupons  is All You. This magazine is available at Walmart stores in the United States.  You can also subscribe to it by going to their website.

Local Papers

Many local papers have coupons.  You will get a better deal if you subscribe to your paper than if you buy it each Sunday.  Also, look at the papers that are available for your city or county.  They have coupons that are often overlooked.

Also look in free papers in your neighborhood.  Some free publications are full of coupons that you do not expect to see.  

Swap Coupons

It sounds a little nostalgic, but it works.  If you do not have kids, then you probably will not even use diapers coupons so you could score some free coupons if you swapped those coupons or some coupons that you wanted.

If you do not know anyone that is willing to swap coupons, then you can join coupon swapping groups.  There a lot of groups available if you look on popular coupon forums or search for them online. 

Buy Coupons

Some people are hesitant to buy coupons because they feel that they are spending more money than they are saving.  However, you can save a lot of money if you buy coupons the right way.  

If you want to buy coupons, you should consider buying them online through a coupon clipping service.  Basically, you buy the coupons that you want to use the next week.  It is simple but can take some time to do.

Get Coupons At The Store

This is one of the tips that is often overlooked.  Do not underestimate the generosity of your local grocery store.  They want you to spend money in their store and they will try to entice you by giving you deals.  

The most common place to look for coupons in a store is on their advertisement page (or flyer).  Basically you can use the coupons to get better deals on the products.  The nice thing is the products are usually matched with the coupon so that you can tell the discounted price at a glance.

The hidden treasure trove of coupons in a grocery store are the coupons that are located on products. Often a new product will have a coupon attached to it so that you buy the product.  Sometimes you will find a sale on the product and an attached coupon which will reduce the price of the item.

Some convenience stores like CVS will give you coupons if you scan your loaylaty card when you enter their store.  You should definitely take the time to scan your card because the coupons are free.

When you check out you should also look for coupons at the register.  Some stores will print coupons on your receipt.  Often you will recieve a long coupon that is printed at the register.  This is known as a catalina and it can save you a lot of money.


There are many ways to get coupons.  Getting extra coupons takes a little bit of creativity and time.  Of course you want to be reasonable when you collect coupons.  Only get those coupons that you will use.  With these suggestions it is easy to see that getting coupons is not hard, you just have to know where to look.