Frugal and Fun Family Outgoings

Our family time is priceless although different family activities can be really expensive. Unfortunately even one movie night can have a big impact on our budget when we include tickets, drinks and popcorn expenses.

The good news for us is that we do have cheap alternatives for our family outings. We can have a lot of fun while our expenses can be lower, even free at times.

Music and Movies

Kids usually want to see all the new releases in the movie theater. By doing this once per month you can end up in front of big expenses. The alternative in different cities is going to a drive in. You will see that the prices are cheaper when compared to regular theaters and you might even be allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks. Also, most drive-ins do have new releases rolling and your kids can see movies that are not available on video.

You can also think about the fact that some theaters will offer a reduced price on movies shown during day time. There are also some that feature movies that are kid oriented during the week. You thus have some options that are cheaper at your fingertips.

Your kids might also want to attend concerts although the price for tickets is usually not cheap, especially for famous bands. Look at the local paper and check out concerts that are held in parks as they are free. During warm months a lot of areas will feature them. Kids can easily enjoy music and not be faced with a loud sound system and huge crowds. Older children can even start to like some bands that are not that well known.

Outdoor Activities

When talking about family outings nature offers a lot of possibility. One family activity that is great is camping and the good news is that it is not at all expensive. You can have everything as simple as just pitching tents in your backyard or there is also the possibility of renting campground rent space. Bring your grill and cook some hot dogs or burgers. You can even catch fish and fry it.

Day trips can be taken in parks. Some have playground equipment that can keep your kids entertained for a lot of time. You can also go on different hiking trails in order to have fun. Parks usually have picnic facilities and this means that instead of the regular eating out day you can go there and pack your lunch at home.

We also recommend some other family activities that are not expensive:

Miniature golf – You will find admission to be reasonable and the entire atmosphere combines family competition with relaxation.

Petting Zoos – Such small zoos will not feature exotic animals but kids are allowed to pet and feed animals.

Museums – There are many out there that will offer free or cheap admission. Even the large museums that are regularly expensive will give season passes. In the event that you live close to one you can end up visiting them often for low prices.

Boating – In the event that you live near water you are lucky enough to go boating. Paddleboats and canoe rentals are not expensive and there are also other cheap activities in such locations.

College Events – Such events will usually be concerts, plays, movie showings and dance recitals, which are perfect for frugal family outings. Students are offered lower prices and such discounts are applied to kids too.

You do not need to be a millionaire to have fun with your family. All you need to do is go through a little research and you will find that different free activities are available for kids and parents, no matter where you live.