Growing Fragrant Flowers

Anyone can become a Frugal gardener even when looking for beautiful fragrant flowers. There is nothing more rewarding than walking into a garden filled with vibrant fragrances at night, teasing your senses with their perfumes. I have selected a few for their fragrance and ideas for creating things from these plants too. 

Many roses and other blooms in the interest of preventing disease resistant plants have lost their perfume. Instead they have focused on encouraging bushy growth that produce more blooms.


This is one of the best herbs to use in many ways. They come in hundreds of varieties to grow in your garden. You can grow these by propagating from cuttings, taken from your friends garden, saving you money. 

Uses for Lavender

Lavender is well-known for its many useful and relaxing qualities.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Soothing soap
  • Aids with relaxed sleep – Place into your pillows
  • Brew as herbal tea
  • Headaches – ward off by rubbing lavender oil on your forehead
  • Sew into small bags – perfume drawers or wardrobes and deter bugs
  • Ward off dandruff - Infuse in hot water and rinse your hair.
  • Soothing to the skin

You will love how easy Lavender grows in the garden or small places in pots. 

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Provence Lavender is known worldwide for it beautiful fragrance which is used in perfumes, cooking and for all sorts of craft making.

Sweet Peas

These look beautiful in any garden or patio and their fragrance will surprise you. Sweet peas make an ideal addition to any garden and easy to grow from seed.

Growing Sweet Peas from seed

When buying any seeds always check the growth time and expiry date. There is nothing worse than  preparing, fertilizing the ground and planting your seeds and nothing grows. Quite often the staff at garden centres do not rotate their stock, causing out dated seeds on the shelf.

You can plant these small seeds straight out into your garden or small flat containers. Next time you buy fruit at the local store keep the plastic trays,  as they already have the holes cut in the bottom. Add your soil and plant your seeds and water. When about 3” tall plant out into your garden. Sweat peas need a trellis, wire fence or bamboo sticks for support.

You will have masses of flowers to cut and use in the home in vases. Even when in a vase, remove the dead flowers and they will produce more, this encourages growth. 

Sweet Pea Seeds

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These will look beautiful in any garden and great to have inside the home showcased in a vase. They come in scarlet, purple, white, lavender, pink and rose.
So easy to grow for beginner gardener

Fragrant Vine Growing Plants


An ideal vine to grow for their exotic perfume. When you walk outdoors, their perfume will fill the air with their fragrance. Although these love the warmer climates best, it needs protection when grown in cooler climates from cold winds.

Some varieties of Jasmine: Chilean Jasmine, Winter Jasmine, Sweet Scented Jasmine, Madagascar Jasmine, a waxy Poet's Jasmine, Star Jasmine and Pink Summer Jasmine. The size and flowering times of these will vary; most are hardy growing plants.

Madagascar Jasmine is a waxy sweet-scented white flower often used in bridal bouquets.

Star Jasmine as the name suggests has a star like flower in late spring and grows to 2 meters high. Ideal to grow for a hedge or ground cover.

Honeysuckle (Lonicera)

The Honeysuckle is a hardy plant. Best grown from cuttings or seed, plant in full sun and moist well-drained soil. Their wonderful fragrance, make them worth growing. Ornamental berries often appear from the beautiful fragrant flowers.

They come in several varieties: Gold-flame honeysuckle, Red Honeysuckle and Italian honeysuckle These grow up to 20 feet tall and will grow from cuttings. They also attract birds to your garden.

The Red Honeysuckle (Firecracker) is a vigorous evergreen vine growing to 4 meters in height. A fast growing plant that will produce claret red spring and autumn flowers. 

Fragrant Ground covers

Ground covers come in a variety of colors.

Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley has a single flower stalk, with as many as twelve bell-shaped waxy white flowers with scalloped edges. They normally bloom in May, and green berries often follow the blooms.


This plant belongs to the mint family and is often dried and used to discourage insects. It makes a lovely ornamental herb and grows both on the ground or upright.

Fragrant shrubs


This plant is well-known for its beautiful, fragrant white flowers. They love a sunny spot. The gardenia will grow up to 8 feet tall with dark green shiny leaves. They make a lovely shrub that bloom between spring and summer.

The Gardenia is susceptible to mealy bugs and white fly. Treat pests with horticultural oil.


The lilac is a beautiful deciduous shrub with large highly perfumed colorful shades of purple, lilac, lavender, blue, white and yellowish flowers producing their best display in the middle of spring. Their blooms portray a number of beautiful fragrances.

As the blooms drop they make a beautiful carpet of color, although some people look at this as a mess to clean up.

If you have discovered any other beautiful fragrant flowers and plants please leave them in the Comments below.   


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Lily of the vally, gardenia, orchid, carnation, jasmine and many more.

Some perfumes react different from one person to another.

Best Fragrant Flowers