A Labrador is a man's best Friend. Well maybe that is not entirely true. That is because there are those who don't like dogs. Some think dogs in general are disgusting and they will rather have a cat or a gold fish instead. That is their choice but puppy Labrador dogs are the cutest thing around.

Should you get a puppy Labrador or not is a good question to ask if you are into frugal living. It is not even about buying the dog. It is more about if a puppy Labrador fits into your frugal life. What will you do when your puppy Labrador becomes big and eats into your frugal living budget?

Why do you want a dog if you are into frugal living? Is it because you are bored and need some company? Can you afford to feed your puppy Labrador on your frugal living budget? Can you afford to take care of your puppy Labrador when he gets older and bigger? Do you have enough time and space for your puppy Labrador?

What has puppy Labrador dog training got to do with frugal living?

Puppy Labradors are cute but they will eventually get bigger and taking care of a big Labrador can change your frugal living budget. Frugal living and training your puppy Labrador is something that should be started early. You might even want to ask yourself if frugal living is compatible with owning a puppy Labrador.

You couldn't resist the cute puppy Labrador

You saw that little cute puppy Labrador and you just couldn't resist. You threw all frugal living cautions to the wind. You are thrilled to have a little company at home. All hope is not lost if you still want to teach your new family addition some lessons in frugal living. Most people immediately associate puppy Labrador training to making your puppy Labrador sit down, standup, dance and do other fancy tricks. Well, that is not often the case if you are into frugal living. If you want to train your puppy Labrador properly and inculcate some frugal living lifestyle in your puppy's training, you will need to think about one question. What is the most expensive thing when it comes to owning a puppy Labrador? Remember you want to train your puppy Labrador with frugal living in mind.

Frugal living, food and your puppy Labrador

Food money is one of the most important things in frugal living and training your puppy Labrador. There are dogs that will only eat commercial manufactured food. That is not very good for frugal living. No matter how adorable your puppy Labrador might be, you need to instill frugal living and make sure puppy Labrador dog understands that. You eat whatever every frugal mommy says. Your dog needs to learn how to eat whatever you give him to eat. Frugal living is not about being fussy. There is no place for a chic puppy Labrador in frugal living. Your puppy Labrador needs to understand that this is no Hollywood.

Frugal living and puppy Labrador dog health care cost.

You will be amazed how much it will cost when you have to take your puppy Labrador dog to the vet. Human health care is not cheap but taking your puppy Labrador dog to the doctor is also not cheap. That brings us to teething problem

Frugal living and puppy Labrador's teething problems

Most parents know that their babies will eventually start growing teeth. The same goes for your puppy Labrador dog. If you don't want your lovely dog to chew all your valuable belongings, you will need to pay attention to this and training your puppy Labrador dog accordingly. That might mean buying a frozen nylon bone to help with chewing. The word buying might not really rhyme with frugal living but you might lose more if you don't do anything about your puppy Labrador dog teething problems.

Frugal living and entertaining your puppy Labrador dog

You didn't know that your puppy Labrador also needs entertainment. We are not talking about taking your puppy Labrador to the movies. If you don't want your puppy Labrador to ruin your belongings, you need to keep your dog busy. Frugal living mean not wasting and you will definitely not want your puppy Labrador to waste or trash your living room. If you teach your puppy to do little tricks (fetching a ball), jumping over obstacles, you will keep him occupied. Going for a walking in the park is also a must.

Frugal living and getting specialized training for your puppy Labrador dog

Specialized training for your puppy Labrador dog means money and that is not compatible with frugal living. Why pay for dog training if you can learn to train your puppy Labrador yourself? Paying for dog training is only useful if you are disciplined enough to follow through with the training at home. Otherwise, your frugal living budget will be going down the drain and your puppy Labrador dog will not benefit from the specialized training.

Frugal living and how to teach your puppy Labrador dog to do tricks

Frugal living is about discipline. If you are disciplined enough, you will be able to instill the same values in your puppy Labrador dog. The best training you can give to your puppy Labrador are the following:

Food: You don't feed your puppy Labrador dog when you are at the table eating. That is eating twice for your puppy Labrador and bad manners. Your puppy Labrador will become lazy and will burn a hole in your frugal living food budget. That is a trick you have to bear in mind. Don't give in to tears. You puppy Labrador will want to use tears as a trick to get more food. You should not fall for that trick

Urine: If your puppy Labrador is not properly trained to urinate outside the house, you will be slowing moving away from frugal living. You will have to do more washing and buy more products to remove urine smell from the house. The trick is to start training early.

Chasing after cars and people: If your puppy Labrador loves to chase after people, it might be funny but it could be an expensive entertainment. You might get a lawsuit that will kill any frugal living. Chasing after people and maybe causing injury to others is not something you want your puppy Labrador to get accustomed to. The trick is to get you dog to chase a ball. It is less expensive.