I hear so many diabetics out there looking for desserts asking "Can a diabetic have desserts? If so what kinds are we limited to?" I have only one answer for the people who ask these questions - go to your doctor. That is where you will find the information that you seek and it will be from a medical professional. I went to a doctor, as well as a dietitian, and actually learned about desserts for diabetics. I found that not everything works for everyone. What a doctor tells me I can have, doesnt mean that it is right for you. I have my own diabetes control plan - you have yours.

Anyways, I believe that it is time to start talking about the diabetic desserts that I actually eat. Before I get into the actual recipes for these, I would like to say that you will more than likely have to change your mindset on what a dessert actually is. I now commonly refer to them as treats rather than desserts. When I think of a dessert, I think of warm chocolate brownies, cookies, pies, and cheesecake. I have not been able to create a diabetic pie or cheesecake recipe yet, even though others more than likely have. I am not attempting to underscore the tastiness of the recipes, just to say that they are probably not what you would expect.

All that it involves is an apple and some cool whip. This is just about the simplest recipe that I have ever heard of. In my mind, this is a great flavored recipe. All that it requires is that you bake the apple until it is tender, then it is up to you whether cool whip is added. I like this recipe for two reasons, it is easy and it taste good in my opinion. I think of it as a break from eating all of the buying foods that I am supposed to be eating. Anyways, I know that most of you were looking for a diabetic cheesecake, brownie, or pie recipe, but I have encountered no such recipe. To tell you the truth I do not see myself trying to find one. I will tell you why in a moment. My guess is that the people who have come up with these "pie" and "cheesecake" recipes are using splenda or something. I think that splenda simply replaces the sugar. This may not be correct, but that is what I think they do. I don't plan on pursuing a recipe like this because I would assume that they had a decent amount of carbohydrates in them. I already have enough trouble staying away from the fried foods, so I do not need to be getting attached to a good, diabetic cheese cake recipe. Thats just me. Anyways, thank you for reading this article on fruit desserts for diabetics.