Fruit flies in the house are a big problem.  Once you see one fruit fly appear, it seems like their friends show up in bulk a few hours later.  

Fruit FlyCredit: flickr

Where do fruit flies come from anyway?  From fruit, of course.  Well, it's not quite that simple.  Some of them are attracted to the fruit and they get in from outdoors because they have an amazing sense of smell, even though I don't see much of a nose on them in the picture.  They like fruit because it is a perfect breeding ground for them to lay their eggs.  Others appear from inside your house because their eggs are already on your fruit and/or organic material around your house (e.g. drains, garbage, etc.).  

Who care how they got there?  Now it is time to get rid of the fruit flies in the house.  Here are three ways to do so:

#1 - Trap them!  You can buy a trap from Amazon or your local market and be done with it.  In general, there are two types of traps: the ones that capture gnats in a compartment using an attractant and the ones that attract fruit flies to a sticky piece of tape.  Both are effective.  

There are also fruit fly traps of the homemade variety.  There are a lot of ideas out there on the internet, but this one is probably the easiest:  

  1. Get a small bowl
  2. Fill it halfway with cider vinegar (not regular vinegar)
  3. Add a drop or two of dish soap
  4. Place the bowl by your problem areas
  5. Now wait

That's it.  You'll find that your fruit flies are attracted to the bowl of liquid and drown.  

#2 - Suck Them Up - If you want results immediately, you can always get your vacuum out and use the hand attachment to suck them up.  This can be kind of fun and will result in immediate gratification, but you'll have a tough time catching all of them, and this won't solve the problem for good.  

#3 - Sanitize Your House -  If you have fruit flies in the house, the only way to get rid of them for good is to keep your home sparkling clean.  Get rid of your old fruit and vegetables, don't leave organic materials out on the counter too long, clean your drains and keep the garbage from building up too much.  If you think your drains are the problem, use a "bacteria digester" product to kill off any of the living junk down there.  

That's it.  With a combination of #1 and #3 (and #2 for some fun), you should be able to get rid of fruit flies in the house.