Fruit and vegetable carvings will brighten up your Festive party table for any occasion. You can beautiful decorations by cutting and carving fruit into decorative presentations. Many people who enjoy Halloween will have gained some experience from carving their pumpkins.

My Grand daughter Cailin carved this BBQ from a watermelon for her dinner guests yesterday.  These types of carving take a lot of patience and creativity.

Fruit carvings- Watermelon BarbecueCredit: © T Photos

For a center piece, you may decide to experiment by carving a watermelon basket and filling with fruit. The picture below is made from a Tomato


Fruit and Veg Decorations:Tomato BasketsCredit: TPhotos

The more experienced carvers can create beautiful artwork by carving pictures and animals like swans or other creative art in the fruit. Before carving, any fruit make sure you give them a thorough wash to remove all the wax placed on them before selling. 

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Japanese people have been masters of fruit and vegetables for years.

Cucumber Rose and Celery Curls

How to make a Cucumber Rose

Cucumber RoseCredit: TPhotos


Wash cucumber then using a chopping board, knife or slicer. Cut eight or more thin slices of cucumber.  Place these in a line and then roll up by holding the centre.


How to curl Celery or spring onions

Wash Celery then cut into about 8 cm lengths.  Now cut slits in one end to about half way down the stem of each piece of celery. Place in cold water until the ends curl up.

You can do the same with the bottom white part of the Spring onions.

Party Decorative Fruit and Vegies: Celery CurlsCredit: TPhotos

If left longer in very cold water these will curl more.

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Tomato Rose

How to make a simple tomato rose

You have to envisage cutting this tomato in two equal halves although you do not want a straight edge. With a sharp knife start in the center of one side and make a small cut on an angle. The cuts need to look like a zigzag line meeting on the other side.

Vary your cuts so they join evenly if possible. These cuts need to go into the center, then you can pull the two halves apart and presto you have your rose.

Party Fruit decorations:Tomato RosesCredit: TPhotos

How to make a Tomato Basket

Wash Tomato then cut two lines ½ cm wide to form the handle. Cut out the section up to the handle from halfway down and repeat on other side. To make it more decorative use sharp thin knife to give it a zigzag edge.

Scoop out the flesh and fill with your favorite savory. I did a straight edge and filled with stuffed olives, slithers of carrot and cheese.

TIP: You can make baskets out of many different types of fruit, like rock melon, watermelon, and pumpkins and of course the smaller baskets from a tomato as shown above.

Cutting Fruit Shapes

Assorted shaped cuttersCredit:

If you are not artistic you can still decorate your table by using cutters. These come in different shapes and sizes.

Here are a few examples of the shapes available:

  • Animals
  • Numbers
  • Alphabet
  • Flowers and leaves
  • Diamonds and Ovals

Parents have found that children that do not enjoy eating their vegetables will often be encouraged to eat them by cutting the vegetables into different shapes.

Softer vegetables and fruit like Capsicum, Zuchini, pumpkins, pineapples are easy to cut. Although you can still cut carrots and harder vegetables if you cut them into thin slices.

Christmas Treats

Party Father Christmas:Christmas SantaCredit: SharOn

How to make Strawberry Santa

  • Wash strawberries, and then cut off the leaves to allow Santa a clean bottom. Cut about 1 cm off the other side to give you a hat. Use a par knife cut out a bit of the centre in the strawberry and (body and hat) not a lot.
  • Beat together a mixture of half cream and half of instant pudding.
  • Cut a small hole about half cm (just big enough to let the mixture thru) in base of Zip lock bag. Place mixture in bag and pipe into the body. Slowly pipe the mixture to form a face.
  • Put on the hat do not push down.
  • Cut a kiwi fruit and use the seeds for his eyes.
  • Pipe a dot on top for the hat and the body.
  • For the grass, put a bit of green food colouring in the pudding and fork it on.
  • You can also use chocolate instant pudding if you want Santa to have a tan.

Most of all have fun making these and seeing the smiles on the children’s faces.

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Kids cannot resist this type of decorations.