Fruit baskets gifts are elegant, tasteful and tasty items to give to almost anyone and for any occasion. Whether you are looking to spread good cheer during the holidays, for a birthday, or to express appreciation for a favor through thank you gift baskets, giving fruit baskets is an ideal way to let the recipient know you hold them in high regard. In addition to their classy nature, one nice thing about gourmet fruit baskets is that they are healthy and useful. In other words, they are the ideal gift to give to someone like your in-laws or an uncle or aunt who has everything, which means giving them something ordinary like a sweater or a book or some small trinket is really not too meaningful. Furthermore, we all consume too much candy and other high-calorie foods during the holiday season anyway, so giving gourmet fruit baskets to our loved ones, especially those of advanced age or with health issues, is a way to give them something they will appreciate without your having to carry the guilt to giving them something good but not really "good" for them.

Fruit basket gifts come in a range of price ranges to suit every wallet. You can get them for as little as 20 to 30 dollars in the United States, but of course, the high-end gourmet fruit baskets could run into the hundreds of dollars. And you can of course go beyond including just fruit, and create fruit and nut baskets, or fruit or cheese baskets, or mix in some candy, preserves, wine and other items. For added convenience, may retailers will allow you to order fruit online, and will have your fruit baskets delivered on a day of your choosing. And in order to make this a gift that keeps on giving, you could even buy the recipient a membership to a fruit of the month club, which will then allow them to have fruit baskets delivered to them once a month for an entire year, with the fruit selections changing by season.

Fruit baskets as gifts

Fruit basket gifts have really taken off in recent years, and there are numerous retailers who sell them. One of the top gourmet fruit basket retailers has got to be Harry and David. Harry and David are especially known for their Royal Riviera pears, which often form the centerpieces of their fruit baskets. When you order from Harry and David online, you will also have the option of including a greeting card with a customized message to include with your fruit gift basket. Some of their top selections are:

Their Favorites Gift Basket, which retails for around $50.00 and contains a selection of fruits and other treats. This gift basket is available to ship all year around, and contains six Royal Riviera pears, cheddar cheese, milk chocolates, crackers, chocolate-covered cherries, and truffles.

Their Original Fruit Gift Basket, of which the large size retails for around $75.00 and is actually a mix of fresh and dried fruit gift basket. It contains their famous pears, apples, candied pecans, assorted dried fruit, trail mix, pistachios and fruit candy to make an appetizing and healthy snack mix.

Another top retailer of fruit baskets is Edible Arrangements. Just as Harry and David specialize in pears, Edible Arrangements has chocolate covered strawberries as their specialty. If you want chocolate covered strawberries delivered as part of your fruit gift baskets, then Edible Arrangements are the folks to go to.

One of the top choices from Edible Arrangements is the Berry Special Occasion basket. Retailing for $70.00, it contains a mix of fresh fruit such as grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple stars, strawberries and honeydew balls. It comes in an attractive cake container.

For a taste of their famous chocolate dipped strawberries, try the Delicious Fruit Design Dipped Strawberries and Pineapple from Edible Arrangements. This fruit basket contains grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple pieces cut like daisies and strawberries, of which half are dipped in chocolate. It comes in small, medium and large sizes, and the price ranges from $70 to over $100 depending on the size.

There are many other edible fruit basket retailers to choose from, but these are two of the top ones. In the end, you really cannot go wrong with fruit baskets as gifts.