Fruits and Vegetables

About Tropical Fruits and Vegetables

Tropical fruits and vegetables are generally intolerant to frost thus being the reason why they grow in the tropical regions where there is no snow and extreme temperatures. They range from fruits such as coffee, lemons, and bananas to vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants and lettuce. The climatic condition required for them to grow is mainly found inAfrica and hence this is where they are mainly found. Man is said to have originated from centralAfrica before he migrated to other parts of the world. This is where he began eating these fruits and vegetables which provided him with vitamin C.

As the early man moved to other parts of the world, he stopped eating the tropical fruits and vegetables. He moved to foodstuff that were not fruit in nature and thus diseases such as scurvy emerged due to luck of the vitamins in the body. Humans are not able to produce vitamin C in the body and hence rely on getting it from fruits and vegetables. Today's society has however countered that problem by introducing modern agricultural techniques which enable the fruits to be produced all year round. International trade has also seen the people in the temperate regions being able to get these fruits and vegetables.

Generally fruits and vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, fiber and minerals but research has shown that tropical fruits and vegetables have high contents of vitamins A and C, iron, potassium, calcium and folate. They are therefore very important for the overall health of a person because of their nutritional value. Potassium is important for proper fluid balance and the functionality of nerve, muscle and cardiac function. Vitamin A helps in the growth of new cells while vitamin C is important in healthy teeth and makes the body resistant to infections. Calcium makes the bones and teeth healthy and is also important in blood clotting.

They should be taken during every meal to get the most out of them. This will reduce the chances of getting cancer and reduce cholesterol in the body. For maximum consumption of the nutrients and vitamins in the tropical fruits and vegetables, it is important they are consumed while fresh. If some cooking is required it should be for a very short while to avoid denaturing the vitamins. Preservation by some methods such as the addition of chemicals causes the loss of nutrients although freezing and drying has been known to preserve them.

It is important to note that special attention is required while growing them. They do not do well when the temperature is either too cold or too hot. The soil is also a factor to consider as they require good fertile soil. Some soil may have a lot of insects which will hinder their growth while some might not have adequate nutrients hence slowing the growth of the plant. A lot of water may be needed at the beginning but towards the harvest, it should be dry. This enables the tropical fruits and vegetables to mature fully.