Grapefruit/Lemon/Pineapples/ Citrus Fruits

Enhance waste removal

Eating acidic fruits does not mean it won’t have a positive effect on your PH balance since they will help eliminate acidic chemicals that damage the body.  It is really stress, toxins, unhealthy food and drugs that create an acidic environment in your body that creates chronic low level inflammation and increases risk of preventable illness.  


A traditional astringent food with natural antibiotic properties and protects against urinary tract infection. They are also touted as having anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Consider it a bonus that you detox with cranberries well into the Fall holiday season and still eat them in season and even freeze them without damaging their benefit afterwards. You can cook or bake with it, add it to shakes and smoothies, or drink it as a juice. Many natural food experts claim that cranberries might be the single best way to flush your system besides water. Personally, I think a combination of fruits that detox and cutting out damaging foods that toxify and inflame the body is usually the best.


Blueberries are one of the most nutrition packed foods out there. They are rich in vitamin C as well as vitamin K which will help the calcium in your diet strengthen your bones. In terms of minerals, one serving has a full quarter of your daily manganese requirement. Since you are not likely to be taking a manganese of vitamin K supplement, you really do seed to get it from your diet.

Blueberries also contain a compound called chlorogenic acid which studies suggest can help regulate your blood sugar. In addition they are high in dietary fibre and are very low calories at only 57 calories per serving. Combine that with the powerful antioxident properties and you have an essential addition to any superfood menu.


Strawberries and beyond

Keep in mind that there are many other great berries that are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidents. Strawberries in particular are on the superfood list. You will want to make sure that they are organic to get the most benefit, as with any thin-skinned fruit or vegetable, they are more likely to absorb chemicals.

There are tons of other berries that really pack a healthy punch like blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries, salmonberries, etc. For the most part you will get more nutrition than you would expect. Try to get them organic as mentioned above.

Another great part adding more berries to your diet is that many types are really easy to grow on your own. You can grow your own inexpensive organic berries with a high yield and not very much work. Consider growing as much as you can and freezing it if you can't eat it all. You can really grow a lot of berries with very little land. Any small crevice, patch, or corner of your property can yield a lot of berries.


Cherries are one of the top 20 most anti-oxident rich foods. Their skins pigments are actually antioxident rich flavonoid compounds called anthocyanin glycosides. These compounds have powerful anti inflammatory properties and will combat free-radical damage. The flesh of cherries are also rich in anti-oxidents.

What's more, cherries are rich in stable, natural melatonin, which will help you day calm and rest well. They are also rich in potassium, iron, zinc, copper and manganese.

You will find a wide range of flavors and even size among cherry varieties. Try a handful of bing cherries if you need an energy boost. The acerola cherry is packed with vitamin c and a if you need an immune system boost or want fight off scurvy during your next pirate adventure.

Apple cider vinegar

The apple cider detox diet is has been a popular tool to rebalance the PH in the body and flush acidic chemicals, toxins, and environment from the body.  Apple cider vinegar can be a helpful part in many detoxifying diets. This is a great addition to a fruit flush detox diet, added in a small glass with lemon juice.

Other factors and plans

There are hundreds of other programs all over TV and the web. You will find a watermelon detox diet, apple juice detox diet plans, ones with ginger, and the list goes on. Each many proclaim that they hold the secret perfect amount of time to complete the program whether it is a vegetable juice detox diet or a lemonade diet. I think that you should not rely on any one or two fruits that detox, but rather look at adding fruits that help with detoxification while also eliminating or excluding most of the harmful habits and behaviours.

What to avoid:

  • White sugar (refined sugar): keep in mind that even brown sugar can have the same effects.
  • Coffee and black tea. Green tea is okay and rich in antioxidents
  • Stimulants
  • Drugs and tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Anything that causes a insulin spike: high glycemic index foods like junk food and white refined starches or even sweet dried fruit like raisins.

Ultimately, anything that causes inflammation in the body or hormonal imbalance can cause damage that is preventable. Eating fruits and berries can help combat some of the damaging free radicals that we are exposed to but they are not a miracle cure.

If you plan on doing a 3 day detox diet or just a quick cleanse or fast, then it is even more important that you eliminate all the white sugar and starches, as well as alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine from your diet. You have to let your body stop battling so that it can begin cleansing.

Keeping in mind what to avoid as well as basic common sense like drinking tons and tons of water and *really* getting enough rest, as well as exercise and perhaps massage or sauna to help flush out toxins. If you do these things will mean that all you need to do is to make sure that you do not cut your calories in a way that endanger your health and impair your brain function. Check with your doctor before you start, and then go nuts!