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The first thing that comes to mind when one speaks of fuel efficiency is to buy a car that gives you better gas mileage. This may be true in some sense, but there are other practical methods that can be done that can allow you to save petrol and gain more mileage from a single tank of gas. Some of these methods are:

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The first thing that you can do to get better fuel efficiency from your vehicle is to keep a good speed when on the road. There are many different situations that can arise while you are on the road and it is advisable that you try to maintain a constant speed when you are driving. Many drivers go at a speed that is unnecessarily higher than they need to and this burns more petrol.  This is especially true in the built up areas where you accelerate and brake very often. This process can use up a lot more fuel than needed and have you replenishing quicker. When driving in all areas, try to maintain a constant speed as this will help with the gas mileage.

Another way to obtain better fuel efficiency from your car is to shed any excess weight that may be in the vehicle. A lot of people are riding around in their car with a lot of unnecessary things. This is additional weight and the heavier the load, the more fuel the vehicle will consume. Reducing the weight in the car will allow the vehicle to burn the petrol more efficiently and you will notice savings in your consumption.

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The air conditioning unit can also be a factor in fuel consumption. There are times, especially in the summer time when the air conditioning is on full to maintain a cool temperature. This is convenient but it affects the fuel efficiency of the car. If you adjust the a/c to a lower setting you will still be kept cool and this will have a notable difference in fuel utilization. This is exceptionally true when driving long distances.

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Also, keeping your vehicle serviced will help you in achieving good fuel efficiency. A car that has not been serviced will put more strain on the engine and therefore require more use of petrol. When kept in a good serviced condition including filters being kept clean and maintaining good tire pressure this will have a tremendous improvement on the petrol consumption.

The final tip towards achieving fuel efficiency is the prevention of burning gas while the vehicle is stationary.  A good method to follow is that if you find yourself being stationary for more than a minute then you can turn off the engine.  This is a wise as you are not gaining any mileage while you are in one position.

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These methods mentioned are a few of many ways that can be done to achieve a form of fuel efficiency. Just one or a combination of the methods will be guaranteed to show some form of savings when implemented.