Inspired by the Magic of the Polaroid Instant Cameras of Another Time

    We all have memories of our childhood burned in our minds.   Most likely those memories have been preserved through photographs that have been lovingly stored in family photo albums. If your family was anything like mine I bet that a majority of these photographs were taken with a Polaroid instant camera.  Those pictures with their white borders and washed-out colors are memorable in and of themselves, but what I remember most about polaroids was the sense of magic.  Those classic Polaroid cameras provided real magic.   You would snap a photograph and watch the image slowly burn onto the paper before your very eyes. Production of these old-fashioned cameras and their film was stopped around 2008, so the joy of watching a photo magically appear on paper hasn't been felt in a while outside of the darkroom. However, Fujifilm has just released a new line of instant cameras and films that will bring back polaroid memories with the addition of modern style and technology. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 instant camera is lightweight, self-metering, and produces adorable credit-card sized prints instantaneously, allowing anyone to make beautiful film photographs within seconds.


The Instax Mini 25 weighs less that two pounds, making it incredibly portable. If you're sick of lugging around your heavy DSLR for everyday snapshots, you might be looking for a smaller camera to take on everyday outings. A problem arises when you consider that reducing size might mean sacrificing quality if you choose to switch to a point-and-shoot. This issue can be avoided by turning to the Instax Mini 25. The instant camera can be thrown into your bag or easily strapped around your neck, but still produces images that you won't be ashamed to hang on your walls. Don't miss out on photo ops anymore simply because your current camera is too heavy – take the Instax Mini 25 anywhere, and get polaroid-style prints of all of your memories.

The Ease of Self Metering

The Instax Mini 25 also makes everyday photographs easy by being self-metering. That means that you don't have to set the aperture and shutter speed manually to correctly expose your photograph. Skilled photographers don't have to go through the tedious process of metering and can just have fun, while beginners can simply shoot and get a perfectly lit photograph every time. This feature also makes the Instax Mini 25 a great alternative to a professional DSLR, whether you're a professional looking for an everyday camera or a beginner, because it doesn't need any fine tuning to produce beautiful photographs. Think about taking the Instax Mini 25 to on an outing with your friends, and the perfect photo opportunity arises. With a DSLR, or even a point-and-shoot, you'd have to mess with the settings and might even miss the opportunity. With the Instax Mini 25, which you will definitely have with you because it is so portable, you can just turn it on and shoot without worrying about your photograph coming out too dark or too bright. So, the size of the camera makes it easy to take photographs anywhere and the automatic exposure makes it easy to take photographs of anything at any moment. The Instax Mini 25 is convenient to use in all situations.

Credit Cards Sized Prints

Adding to its convenience, the Instax Mini 25 produces credit-card sized prints right after a photo is taken. The technology in the Instax photo paper combines the exposure, development, and printing stages of normal film photography through just one sheet of photo paper and a few minutes. With traditional film, photographs must be developed and printed individually, a process that takes hours in a darkroom. Time can be cut down to an hour or so at most convenience stores, but that might not be so “convenient” when you consider that, to see all of your photos, you must use up a roll, drive the film to the store, and then wait another hour before they are ready. Digital cameras can give you instant feedback, but what you see is actually a thumbnail of a digital negative that is stored on your camera. To get actual prints of your photographs, they must first be uploaded, edited, ordered, and picked up or sent to you in the mail. That process could take days, perhaps even weeks depending on how many photographs you have piled up on your camera. With the Instax Mini 25, you get a tangible print of your photograph only minutes after you first take it. This instant camera literally provides the fastest way to take a photograph.

Easy Functionality

Whether photography is a hobby or a profession, the benefits of the Instax Mini 25 are obvious. I can see the countless opportunities for use of this camera in my own life. While I want lots of snapshots of everyday memories, I don't want to have to carry my heavy DSLR everywhere I go, step away from the fun to meter to the correct settings, or spend time uploading, editing, and ordering prints of the photographs I take. Photography is my passion, but it is also my career. The Instax Mini 25 is the perfect camera for me to use to capture my memories while giving me a break from the type of photography I call “work,” especially because it doesn't sacrifice quality for simplicity. I can see myself taking this camera to days out with my friends, birthdays parties, vacations, and countless other occasions where I'd want to continue to have fun while taking photographs. I'd get portability, ease of use, and instant feedback.


What does this mean for you? Well, should you purchase the Fujifulm Instax Mini 25, you will have endless possibilities with your picture-making. Take this camera anywhere, shoot anything, and get a beautiful, printed image within minutes. This product can be beneficial to any level photographer; it's simple and fun to use, but keeps the quality of any film camera. No matter who or where you are, or what you want to photograph, the Instax Mini 25 instant camera can easily be integrated into your photography.