Fujitsu Plasma TV gives you ultimate viewing experience. The brand came up with its very own plasma TV, the Fujitsu P42VHA20. This plasma TV of Fujitsu is the newest improvement with its plasma TVs.

The Fujitsu P42VHA20 has a TV screen of 42 inches that allows computer graphics displayed with amazing clarity and quality in color. This Fujitsu Plasma TV also offers a remarkable viewing angle.

It is set on 160 degrees viewing angle compared to the normal angles provided by conventional televisions which is only 120 degrees.

You'll find it's brightness in 700cd/m2 with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. It is also supported by an EDTV-ready television that displays 852x480 pixels in its resolution.

You will also be provided with 16.77 million of different colors which allows the deliverance of naturally tinted colors.

Other features that you'll find remarkable from the newest and most improve Fujitsu P42VHA20 is the on board amplifier. This Fujitsu Plasma TV is quite adaptable to a variety of home theater application. It can be used and will blend well with whatever lighting conditions available.

With Fujitsu P42VHA20, you can also display a computer video output under UXGA resolution. Its innovative AVM processor which is another key feature for Fujitsu P42VHA20 supports the display of this remarkable plasma television.

You can also enjoy quality cinema images with its ALIS technology and Fine Mode system.
The weight of Fujitsu P42VHA20 is around 30 kgs., giving you the liberty to put it anywhere you like.

Most plasma TVs today are usually mounted on the wall and Fujitsu P42VHA20 is not an exemption to that. You can also have your Fujitsu Plasma TV mounted on your walls if that would please you.

If you like you can also hang it from your ceiling. Some people might just prop it up on the tabletop. The physical aspects of Fujitsu P42VHA20 are 40.8 inches in width, 25.3 inches in height and 3.8 inches thick.

Fujitsu Plasma TV with all its improve features allows you to enjoy more quality pictures in rich colors and sharp images. Its added features also allow you to hook it up on your computer and enjoy a lot more with computer video outputs. You would not want to go out anymore to enjoy cinema quality images because you can do it right inside of your home.

Fujitsu Plasma TV offers you great viewing experience with its newest innovation. To have your own plasma TV mounted against the wall for your home viewing pleasure is one of the good things everyone should have in their lives.

Now, with Fujitsu P42VHA20 you can afford to have this pleasure. Consider all your options, buy it and start enjoying your Fujitsu Plasma TV.