A full body alien costume is a cool idea for a Halloween. Aliens are part of outer space and have a sense of mystery about them so they are perfect for Halloween.

A full body alien costume would be an entire outfit that fits the body from head to toe. They usually come with a jumpsuit, headpiece and hood. You can get inspiration for alien costume ideas from movies, books and television shows.

If you search for outer space attire on the internet you will be shown thousands of pages to browse through. You can find ideas and pictures that you can duplicate. If you are feeling crafty you will be able to make your own full body alien costume however you can still buy one online. Shopping for Halloween costumes online gives you a large selection of the best martian costumes that are available. It is very convenient to shop online for alien accessories and costumes without having to drive from store to store.

ET Full Body Alien CostumeE.T The Extra Terrestrial Full Body Alien CostumeCredit: Amazon.com

ET the extra terrestrial is a great example of an alien that was made popular by a movie. The movie ET was introduced in 1982 and has long been a favorite martian of many fans.

ET is an alien with wrinkled skin and long skinny fingers that he uses to communicate with. He is often shown with a sheet covering his head and riding a bicycle. Using the movie storyline as a basis you can also find an ET costume including a visible heart to show that ET is human like and lovable. An ET full body alien costume would probably be pretty recognizable.

If you would like to make an ET costume for your next Halloween party you can find a pattern that you can follow to sew.

Area 51 Creature

An area 51 alien is a classic extra terrestrial creature.  The full body alien costume has headgear that looks like an enlarged brain with two bulging eyes. Area 51 is a portion of Nevada tArea 51 Alien Costume For KidsCredit: Amazon.comhat is thought to have aliens being hidden there. It has long been a source of alien sightings and is blanketed with mystery.

If you want to make an alien creature from Area 51 you can pretty much use your imagination to develop the costume. Who really knows what an alien from Area 51 looks like as there is no real evidence to prove anything.

You can also buy costumes online that replicate what an Area 51 alien looks like. Try searching for it and you will be sure to find a full body alien costume that achieves the look you are hoping for.

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Funny Alien Costumes

While most alien costumes tend to be scary there are also many that are made to look funny with oversized heads in very colorful attire. They usually have large antennae and moFull Body Alien Costume For AdultsCredit: Amazon.comre than one eye.

Kids love to dress up and having a funny alien outfit to wear often makes younger kids feel more comfortable rather that wearing a scary alien costume.

Imagination can offer a lot to creating a funny alien costume. If you are making a funny alien costume, have a child help you with ideas. They have vivid imaginations and may even draw you a picture of what they think that an alien should look like. You can use that as your pattern to create a uniquely funny alien outfit for Halloween or other costume party.

Alien Accessories to Complete Your Halloween Attire

Most people have some idea of what they think an alien looks like. If you want to dress up for Halloween as a some sort of alien creature but do not have the full body alien costume attire you can create your look by using alien accessories.

Tentacles are often a part of alien costumes. Many movies portray alien creatures with short or long tentacles that project from an arm area. Some of the costume accessories you can buy for your full body alien costume are gloves that mimic tentacles.

Masks are an important component of a cool alien costume. The facial area of an alien is the scariest part most of the times. You can find many varieties of alien masks to create a costume even if you do not have the full body alien costume. There are many elaborate alien masks available.

Antennae are frequently included as part of most alien costumes. It must be that they have some way to communicate with the universe they come from. If you are trying to develop an alien outfit for Halloween you may want to include some form of antennae on your head gear.

Pointed ears are also one of those things that are pictured on an outer space alien. It may have originated from Dr. Spock of Star Trek but pointy ears are common with these types of creatures.