'Full English??" Breakfast in English hotels should be something to write home about. Hotels normally have a hot breakfast buffet, but how would you cook it all at home? Here are the step-by-step instructions to cook a full English breakfast at home.

A full English breakfast has three courses. It starts with fruit juice, followed by cereals and concludes with the mother of all fry-ups, or that's the theory anyway.

The first time you cook a full English breakfast is frantic, as you run from cooker to oven to microwave to kettle…It is best to cook for a maximum of 2 people the first time, but these instructions are for 6.

Full English Breakfast Service Time-60 minutes

Put the oven on. Boil the kettle. Lay the table.

Slice black pudding, separate sausages, halve tomatoes

Full English Breakfast Service Time-50 minutes

Find 2 or 3 frying pans. Break 6 eggs into glasses, one per glass. (2 eggs each is nice but next to impossible to coordinate).

Make tea for yourself and banish everyone else from the kitchen.

Full English Breakfast Service Time-40 minutes

Put sausages on a tray in the hot oven (they taste better fried or grilled (broiled) but you need the grill (broiler) for the bacon rashers. If you fry the sausages leave them for another 20 minutes before you start. Oven cooking is least stressful, because timing is not as crucial.

Turn grill (broiler) on full. Put the halved tomatoes on the tray with the sausages.

If you want hash browns put them in with the sausages, too.

Drink tea.

Full English Breakfast Service Time-30 minutes

Wash mushrooms and start frying them gently, on a low heat.

Place bacon rashers on grill pan (broiler pan). Allow 2 rashers each. You will not fit them all on, so cook half now, and put them on a plate where they will stay warm when cooked.

Full English Breakfast Service Time-20 minutes

Put about an eggcup of oil into a large frying pan. Take 2 slices of bread and coat both sides of each slice with the oil. Cook on high heat. Turn over when crispy.

Full English Breakfast Service Time-15 minutes

Serve orange juice followed by cereal.

First batch of bacon rashers should be ready now, take them out and keep warm.

Put a second batch of rashers on.

Remove first batch of fried bread and repeat the oil and sliced bread stage and cook 2 more slices. These will do faster because the pan is hot.

Heat separate frying pan of oil ready for eggs.

Warm plates.

Full English Breakfast Service Time-10 minutes

Make a pot of tea. Start the toaster going.

Start eggs frying, 2 at a time.

Take sausages out of oven and put into a hot serving dish.

Remove first batch of fried bread and repeat the oil and sliced bread stage and cook 2 more slices. These will do extremely quickly because the pan is very hot.

Put black pudding slices in microwave cooker and heat for 3 minutes. Check hot all through. Continue cooking as necessary.

Cook 2 more eggs

Heat baked beans.

Check bacon rashers.

Clear used dishes from table.

Full English Breakfast Service Time-5 minutes

Cook last 2 eggs.

Take out second batch of rashers.

Put all hot food into serving dishes and take to table

SERVE and enjoy your first full English breakfast and think how much better it tastes than the hotel's version. Pour tea, preferably in china cups and saucers. ENJOY.