Full spectrum lighting, is a great way to extend your day when you are doing arts and crafts, or any handiwork after daylight.

These lights are quite often bought as desk lamps, but give off the same light as daylight, which is great if you are a night owl, or like to work on your craft after dark. I personally found these to be a great investment in my arts and crafts business. Since where I live, gets dark around 5 pm from October through until the late winter early spring.

Depending on where you live, this can happen in September and October, and with the changing seasons, it drastically cuts back on your available daylight hours for creating! If you work at a day job during the best daylight hours, then you should seriously consider purchasing any lighting with this full spectrum, it really does feel like you just stepped outside.

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Sunlight Desk Lamp Natural Full Spectrum Sun Light. Simulates Daylight. 150Watt Output uses 27 Watts. Touch On/Off Switch.
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(price as of May 29, 2014)
using a full spectrum lamp is a great way to do your crafts into the evening.

If you are faced with doing your creating after dinner or even later, and its just too hard on the eyes, then get this full spectrum lighting.  You can get lamps that are very portable or even floor lamps to help you see in the right shades of colours.

I can't stress enough how much easier it has made my creating time. I used to get headaches from eye strain when working on projects in the evening. But since getting this table lamp, I have felt much better and quite happily do my creating in the evening now. . This is especially true if you are a night owl. Or what you think looked great before you went to bed.. has a whole different look the next morning!.. I am sure many people have had that! Gone to bed thinking they had created their best work of art yet, only to find it looking a bit more tarnished in the morning. So, unless you plan to only display it in the evening light, you need to be working with proper daylight, or something as close to it as possible!

These lights cost a little more, but they are long lasting, and its worth it, a great investment in your hobby or business. They really help with eye strain when you are doing close up work. If you do very fine work, then the combination of good full spectrum lighting and those magnifying glasses you can get for very fine crafts works great, and you are not seeing double when you are finished.

If you are just creating your studio space now, if possible, look into getting some permanently installed full spectrum ceiling lights, but if like me, you are taking over the corner of the basement, then at least get a desk lamp or a floor lamp that shines in your work space... Regular overhead fluorescent lights or regular bulb lighting may seem like enough light, but you will see the difference right away with the full spectrum lighting. Regular lighting does not show the depth of color if you are painting, and in many cases it actually changes the color. So, if you want a true reflection of your work, then start shopping for these lights.

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Full Spectrum Light Bulbs - Alzo 27 Watt Compact Fluorescent Cfl - Pack Of 4 - 5500K- Alzo Joyous Light Daylight Pure White Llght
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(price as of May 29, 2014)
you can do up your entire house in spectrum lighting by replace the bulbs with these special full spectrum bulbs.

Some people, also have trouble with the shorter days, causing all kinds of physical ailments, such as fatigue and depression, these lights are quite often prescribed for this condition called SAD (seasonal affected disorder).. but the benefit to the crafter or hobbyist is great as well, as it mimics daylight and is the closest you are going to get, it keeps your colors crisp, especially if you paint or needlepoint..

Full Spectrum Lighting

Keep these lights in mind when creating your studio, it will extend your daylight hours, great for your crafts, and great for YOU! I found the desk lamp works well for close up work and painting, and the bulbs last a very long time. But do some shopping, and compare prices. You don't have to buy these in craft supply store, they can be bought in many lighting stores now, and have become much more popular, cheaper and many styles to choose from. Now you can burn the midnight oil and work overnight!