In 1887 Edward Amerige drove a stake into a mustard field. Today this area is the corner of Harbor Boulevard and Commonwealth Avenue in Fullerton. Amerige may not have been aware at the time that he was laying ground for the beautiful new city, he did realize, however, that he was breaking ground for future railroad service. As a result, through the years, Fullerton Real Estate has become a prime area to purchase a home.

The area of Fullerton makes up 22.3 square miles. It sits at a pleasant 150 feet above sea level. The average temperature per year is a pleasing 62.2 degrees (F). Fullerton received its name as result of a Santa Fe Railway agent, George H. Fullerton, who managed to route the Santa Fe Railway through the city. Amerige, along with his brother George, were former grain merchants. The area of Fullerton energized them and they both turned into real estate promoters They were actually a part of the Fullerton California Real Estate without ever knowing it.

Fullerton is a city operated by "general law." This means it receives its powers from acts of the state Legislature. The fundamental law of the city is the state Government Code. Fullerton has a "Council-Manager." The council enacts policy and offers the political leadership. The City Manager directs the various departments so that they carry out the policies. According to the California Department of Finance, the January, 2009 population of the city is 137,624. The U.S. Census Bureau, 2000 indicates 48.74% of the citizens are white; 30.17% Hispanic; 15.98% Asian; 4% Two or more; 2.12% African-American; .32% Native American; .20% Native Hawaiian; .19% Other. Members of the Fullerton Real Estate community have a wide variety of homes and businesses to offer future residents. The area is a prime area for future homeowners and the city boasts 44,044 houses. There are a number of affluent areas in the community where the median family income, back in 2005, was $75,700.

Fullerton, California MapThe Fullerton California Real Estate associates take pride in the number of major corporate employers in the area. The CSU Fullerton, St. Jude Medical Center, the Fullerton School District, Fullerton College, and the St. Jude Heritage Health are just a few of these employers. They also point out that the city has more than 50 city parks. There is a museum, a cultural center, along with two libraries. Two golf courses along with two sports complexes, a driving range, and a tennis center offer a variety of sporting activities to the community. Sportsmen will enjoy the skateboard park, the equestrian center, 29 miles of recreational trails and approximately 200 acres of recreational land at the Brea Dam Recreational area.

Transportation is offered via the Fullterton Transporation Center. This is the hub for Amtrak, Metrolink, and OCTA. The Fullerton Municipal Airport also serves the area. Aside from the impressive transportation available, Fullerton also offers an outstanding educational sysem. The area houses a number of public schools: 15 elementary schools, 2, junior highs, 2, K-8, 3 junior highs, 5 high schools, and 5 universities and colleges.

Fullerton has something to offer all of its' citizens. It is a beautiful place to call home.