Nothing says "Style and sophistication" quite like crocodile skin. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, impressing new clients, rubbing elbows with celebrities or simply enjoying a day off in style, a crocodile belt is sure to turn more than a few heads. A Fullum & Holt genuine crocodile belt is the preferred choice of fashion savvy men throughout the world, especially those who understand that high quality and great value aren't mutually exclusive.

You've probably heard the name "Fullum & Holt." The company has been hand crafting exotic leather luxury belts since 1897, and contrary to popular belief, the names "Fullum" and "Holt" aren't actual people, but are instead the names or the cross streets where the company's factory sits, in beautiful Montreal. But a company's history is only as important as its reputation and product quality, and Fullum & Holt has both: A rock-solid reputation for fine craftsmanship and outstanding fashion belts. And this reputation has lasted more than 115 years. That's an outstanding commitment to quality.

Fullum & Holt Brown Crocodile BeltDid you know that Follum & Holt genuine crocodile belts cost as little as $595 at If you've been in the high fashion world, you undoubtedly know that real croc skin belts from top name designers don't come cheap (let's face it, we're not talking about buying off-the-shelf at Wal-Mart), but even so, less than $600 for a genuine crocodile skin belt is a steal. In comparison, I've seen this very same Follum & Holt croc skin belt on sale at my local clothier for more than $800. And a crocodile belt from a boutique designer could cost more than $2,500, yet won't look any better.

How does Endless offer such a low price? It's simple, it's partnered with Amazon, the online retail giant that seems to have more of what you want than anyone else (online or offline), and prices so low that most folks just scratch their heads. In fact, Endless is actually the "fashion" division of Amazon, so you get the same low prices and hassle free shipping that Amazon offers, but on the upper-end products you won't typically find there.

Follum & Holt Genuine Crocodile Belt: Features

The creativity and imagination of Follum & Holt aren't the only selling points of this crocodile skin belt. In fact, they're just the beginning. Not only do these belts - which are available in brown or black - look amazing, they're built the right way. From the very beginning of the hand crafting process, the craftsmen at Follum & Holt inspect every piece of crocodile leather before they buy it, thus insuring the highest quality from the start. Unlike other belt makers who simply order in bulk, this attention to detail proves that the company leaves no stone unturned.

The crocodile leather is worked meticulously until it's the perfect shade and "feel." As it's hand cut and sewn into shape, a tasteful sterling buckle is added up front. As you could probably guess, even the buckle goes through a tedious quality control process to make sure it's the highest quality.

Real Crocodile Belt Fashion

Fullum & Holt Black Genuine Crocodile BeltYou've undoubtedly seen plenty of "knock off" crocodile skin belts. Some look more realistic than others. Some even admit they aren't real, using terms like "faux croc skin belt" or even "crocodile imprinted leather." No matter how you look at it, there's no substitution for the real thing. Not only does a genuine crocodile belt look better and last longer, it will provide a certain confidence that can only come from the real thing.

If you've never worn one before, you'll quickly discover that a genuine croc belt goes with nearly anything. It adds a certain sparkle to business suits, makes dress slacks "pop" and can even make a pair of jeans look like a million bucks. Don't be surprised if you invent reasons to wear this belt. For that matter, don't be surprised if you end up purchasing one of each color: Black and Brown.

At this price, why not? For less than what you'd pay for an elite, boutique croc belt, you can literally own two Fuller & Holt genuine crocodile belts. Assuming you buy them at Endless, of course.