From the time we are old enough to know what lies ahead of us, there are milestone birthdays that we look forward to more than others. At thirteen we become a teenager, at sixteen we learn to drive and are given more freedom, and turning eighteen means becoming an adult. But there is nothing like your 21st birthday. For almost everyone, turning 21 means reaching actual adulthood with no restriction on what we can and cannot do. Your birthday isn’t all about the party, however. There are other areas of the day that you should think about too. Some 21st birthday ideas are simply good old fashioned fun, while others may take a little more planning.


A local club with loud music and friends is a common place for your 21stbirthday, but a party at home with friends and family can be just as fun. When coming up with 21st birthday ideas it is a good idea to think of everyone that you plan on inviting, and partying at home can omit the need for a designated driver. If you decide to stay home, you can use your newfound freedom to buy your own alcohol at the corner store, which is part of the novelty of turning 21. Drinking games are a great way to keep the party going, and living up the night life in your town, going from bar to bar, can be a great advertisement to anyone that may have missed the memo about your birthday. There are also many other 21stbirthday ideas that can keep in the spirit of traditional parties and gifts.


The party isn’t the only 21st birthday idea that you need to come up with, however. There are gifts to wish for and food to think about as well. It is always a good idea to have food available to help absorb some of the alcohol that is being consumed by you and your guests. Buffets and random bowls of snacks offer a variety of munchies for anyone that passes by. Cakes and gifts are 21st birthday ideas that should be all up to you. Cakes can be personalized to reflect the kind of person that you are, and when it comes to gifts, make sure that your wish list is ready when the invites are.


21st birthday ideas can be found anywhere, from the internet to your own backyard, and it helps to get ideas from older friends and family that have already been there. The important thing is to make sure that you and your guests have a good time without going overboard and having someone get hurt. This may be your party, but you don’t want your guests to leave before the party is over, voluntarily or otherwise.

Once you plan the 21st birthday party, you usually sit back and relax and wait for guests to arrive and the party to begin. You may stock up on everything that you will need to so that the party goes off without a hitch, but the planning is the hard part. Everyone knows that it is not a party without gifts, however. 21st birthday gifts are no exception. As you get older your wish list simply becomes bigger and more expensive. There are some 21st birthday gifts that you can give to the birthday person that will be less expensive and can even add to the fun.


Most 21st birthday gifts come unwrapped with a bow in the form of a case of beer or a bottle of liquor. If you are close to the birthday person, you may want to think of a gift that is more personal. You have probably been giving birthday presents to this person for a good number of years already and now it is just a matter of finding a present that represents their turning of age. Concert tickets for your loved one and a few of their closest friends, or tickets to one of their favorite venues can be a great memory making gift. They may not be able to take everyone along, but they will have the memories to share afterwards.


21st birthday gifts should not have anything to do with monetary value, but the memories that can be made during this milestone of their life. Turning 21 is a big deal and the memories that are made will be something that they think back on for years to come. 21st birthday gifts can be something that they can use next week, or a more personalized gift that shows just how well you know them. Surprise parties are a great way to show that you were thinking of a person and will allow you to get all of their friends and family together in one place for them. A more serious person may prefer donations to a favorite charity, for instance, where someone with a wild side may prefer a stripper.


The possibilities for 21st birthday gifts are endless, depending on the kind of person that you are buying them for. You may have to take into consideration how well you know them, and how personal you want to get, but there are many ways to help them celebrate this milestone. Everyone enjoys receiving presents, and turning 21 doesn’t change that fact. It may take you awhile to decide on a gift, but that time is nothing compared to the lifetime of memories that you will be opened at the party.

Cake Ideas

A birthday party is not a party without the cake. Whether you are turning thirteen or thirty, everyone enjoys a slice of cake that celebrates their life. Turning 21 is not all that different. You may want to eat your cake a little earlier in the day so that you do not have as much sugar in your system mixing with alcohol, but cake is cake. There are so many things that you can put on a cake to say “happy Birthday.” 21st birthday cake ideas are a little more complicated than those for a ten year olds party, though.


Any birthday cake that you buy or make has some kind of personalization on it. From cakes shaped like a princess, to edible baby picture or just a name, we always order the cake personal. 21st birthday cake ideas are no different. This is the cake that everyone is going to remember, however. A 21st birthday cake can be personalized to show the kind of person that you are celebrating. Everyone changes through the years and a cake can be made to reflect those changes and make this birthday that much more special. For the more daring individuals, and more private parties, there are 21st birthday cake ideas that have nothing to do with cake made for eating.


Some 21st birthday cake ideas are a little more risqué. Having a cake made for a stripper to jump out of during the party, for instance. These kinds of cakes and parties may be more appropriate for a guy’s (or girl’s) night out, but can be a lot of fun. A cake shaped like one of the birthday person’s favorite cars or people can also be a fun way of making their cake as memorable as the rest of their party while adding a sweet twist to the events. 21st birthday cake ideas should come from the person that is turning a year older. Making the cake personal will make it more memorable for them.


21st birthday cake ideas from the person turning 21 does not mean giving away the surprise, however. Get a couple of different ideas and then give one of them your own little twist so that they will not know what to expect until after the surprise. No matter what kind of 21st birthday cake ideas you get, though, remember that the memories that are being made are going to be worth so much more to the birthday person than how big the cake is or what comes out of it. Making a personal cake that takes a little extra effort can ensure that those memories are good ones.